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Logging into the MSMC Portal as a Student

Below are the steps a student will need to follow when logging in to the MSMC Portal.

NOTE: For optimal use, please use Internet Explorer if possible when logging into the Portal.

1.    Go to the MSMC Homepage (

2.    Log into the portal by clicking the "MSMC Portal" button located in the top navigation bar. The direct url to login to the Portal is

3.    After opening the link, you will see a login screen:

4.    In the User name box, you'll enter the following: student\your username. (Use a backslash, not a forward slash) NOTE: Your username to login to the Portal is the same one you use for your student email, WebAdvisor and Angel.

5.    Enter your password (case sensitive), which is also the same one you use for your student accounts.


6.    You should be brought to your student home page. At the top right hand corner of your screen, your username should appear.

7.    To log out of the Portal, you must COMPLETELY quit your browser, otherwise people may be able to access your information.

8.    If you have any trouble logging in, please contact the OIT Help Desk by submitting a ticket or call (213) 477-2970 or (866) 224-6968. Please provide the following information when contacting the Help Desk: