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Portal Content Comparisons

The MSMC website will (continue to) be viewed as a marketing and recruitment tool. The target audience will be potential students, current and potential donors, alums and the general public. This audience will generally be unfamiliar with the college, or will not be aware of the day-to-day experiences of the Mount. Departments and organizations will share general information, like vision and mission, descriptions of programs and majors, examples of events and photos that encapsulate the department or organization. Time-sensitive details would generally not be included, nor would specifics about on which campus an event is being held.

How does all of this impact our design of both the portal page and the web presence of our individual departments? Here are some examples:

Portal Web

Date, time and campus location of events: 

  • ASB BBQ at Doheny on Mar. 1 at 3pm
  • The ECE bake sale will be on Monday, Dec. 1

General types of events:

  • The ASB plans events like BBQs for students throughout the year.
  • Clubs often host fundraisers to raise money

Information specific to a class or department:

  • Here is the list of syllabi for this semester’s Sociology classes
  • Below are the members of the Physical Sciences committee: …

General description of a department:

  • Here is a sample syllabus from a first-year Sociology class
  • A Physical Sciences committee oversees the department and makes policy.

Details of services offered to students:

  • On the Chalon campus, Women’s Leadership is open from 8:00am – 4:30pm and is located in Brady Commons.
  • Shuttle times are as follows: …

General services offered to students:

  • Women’s Leadership has convenient hours to serve the needs of all Mount students.
  • Shuttles transport students between campuses and to local businesses.

Time-sensitive club and organization information:

  • Pi Theta Mu will meet on the first Tuesday of each month in Hannon Parlor at Chalon; the deadline for applications is 5pm Friday.
  • Mass at Chalon is at 7:00pm on Sunday evenings.

General description of clubs and organizations:

  • Pi Theta Mu is a service sorority that assists with many events on campus and provides social opportunities for its members.
  • Masses are offered on Sundays and weekdays at the college.

Policies and Forms:

  • Residence Life policy does not allow students to have candles in their rooms.
  • You may download the forms below for all your academic needs.

General acknowledgements of policies:

  • Residence Life has policies that are designed to insure the safety and comfort of all residents.
  • The Registrar’s office offers an online forms interface for the convenience of all students.