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HVAC Technician - Facilities

Location: Doheny Campus (Downtown LA)

Installation of HVAC and furnace units; inspection and preventive maintenance of HVAC, furnaces and water heaters; other trade-related duties as assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:           

            1.         Installation of HVAC and furnace units, including electronic and mechanical components. 

            2.         Installation of HVAC ductwork including flexible tubing and sheet metal construction. 

            3.         Troubleshoot and repair fuel and water supply lines. 

            4.         Conserve, install and recycle CFC and HCFC (Chlorofluorocarbon family) refrigerants. 

            5.         Install or repair electrical connections to HVAC components.

            6.         Inspect air-conditioning units to ensure efficient operation.

            7.         Diagnose mechanical and electrical malfunctions; install, replace or repair damaged equipment;
                       calibrate thermostatic controls.

            8.        Inspect refrigeration equipment and its components.

            9.        Inspect water heaters and steam boilers and its components.

          10.        Provide preventive maintenance to HVAC, furnaces, water heaters, steam boilers at each
                       season throughout the year and record P.M. on a log.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Principles and practices of HVAC maintenance and repair; hazard     and safety practices common to the trade.
HVAC controls and safety devices; appropriate MSDS sheets; tools of the trade;     materials and refrigerant
recovery equipment and procedures used in installing, repairing and maintaining HVAC systems. Computerized
electrical circuits and systems as they relate to air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigerated cooling.
Sheet metal, electrical, plumbing and carpentry.

Interpret building codes and regulations as they relate to HVAC. Properly install refrigerant compressors. Diagnose problems and make recommendations. Make estimates of materials required. Repair and replace damaged parts and equipment.

Read blueprints, floor plans and wiring diagrams. Read and interpret City, State and EPA regulations. Work independently in the absence of supervision. Understand and follow oral and written directions. Establish and
maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Communicate clearly and concisely,
both orally and in writing.  Inspects air-conditioning units to ensure efficient operation.  Installs new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; repairs and replaces damaged or worn heating, ventilation and air-conditioning parts and equipment; repairs or replaces low and high pressure liquid lines. Inspects and
observes pressure of liquids and vapor with instrumentation to ensure efficient operation of units and make
necessary adjustments; inspects and services refrigeration equipment including refrigerators, ice machines, gas
packs and heat pumps. Maintains the chilled and hot water supply systems. Adjusts and maintains internal
electrical and electronic control systems; cleans coils         and blowers and checks motors and belt tensions.
Assembles and installs metal ductwork. Assists in planning and designing of new installations of heating and air-conditioning systems.  Maintains maintenance records as required by City, State and EPA regulations.  Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.

Four years of journeyman experience in heating, air-conditioning and energy management in Direct Digital Control Systems, two of which were spent in commercial HVAC. Four years of experience in heating, air conditioning and
energy management in commercial environments.

Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade. Appropriate specialized  training in  
the skills needed in heating and air-conditioning systems repair and  installation.

Valid class “C” driver’s license is required.

Participation in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Pull Program.

Work Location:                  Doheny Campus (Downtown Los Angeles)

Start Date:                        Immediately

Applications Deadline:     Open until filled

Contact Information:         Email cover letter, salary history and resume to:

Mount St. Mary's College is an equal opportunity employer. The College is thoroughly committed both to providing equal employment opportunities for all job applicants and employees, and to providing a work environment that is free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Applicants must be able to provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States. The College will not assist applicants with any visa matter. A background check will be required.

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