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Long Term Volunteer Opportunities


Mission Hospice (formerly Hospice Cheer)

Administrative Office – South Pasadena
Volunteer Site – Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley

625 Fair Oaks Ave. Suite 229
South Pasadena, CA. 91030
Calls 9am to 5pm M-F only please
(626) 799-2727 office
(800) 311-0729 office toll free
(626) 403-4366 office fax

Mission Hospice has a non-profit component but unlike most other hospices, they only have about 100 patients. Mission Hospice services the terminally ill patients and their loved ones at home.

Volunteers are a very important part of our holistic continuity of care. Volunteers give the very taxed caregiver/family members a break by sitting with the patient while the family goes shopping, does other errands, chores or just takes a much needed rest. Volunteers also visit our patients who may not receive any visitors or who those who feel lonely and isolated in convalescent homes or retirement centers.

In addition to "Friendly Visitor Volunteers", Mission Hospice are in need of "Lap Blanket Maker Volunteers" for their patients who are bed bound or wheel chair bound. People who are bed bound have less circulation in their legs and therefore are always cold. Volunteers can crochet or sew small lap blankets and other warming items for the patients. The volunteers may create these items at home.

Mission Hospice also are in need of "Tuck-In Call Volunteers" who call the caregivers or patients at home to see if everything is going ok before they go to bed, between the hours of 5 and 8pm. Volunteers are given calling cards so that they will never have to pay for a call and volunteers do the calling from their own homes. This helps give the best care possible to the patients and their loved ones.

Other volunteers include but are not limited to:

Please see their flier for more information.

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(Teaching, Helping, Inspiring, Nurturing Kids)

Immaculate Conception School - Los Angeles, CA (near the Doheny campus)
Santa Terestia Elemetary School - Los Angeles, CA (near the Doheny campus)
St. Monica Elementary School - Santa Monica, CA (near the Chalon campus)

Project T.H.I.N.K. officially began on October 15, 2007. We had 27 St. Monica students with more on a waiting list. At the start of the Spring semester, we had over 40 students and 14 MSMC tutors. The program had huge outcomes and was a great success. SM students benefited from the tutoring as MSMC tutors gained experience and had fun with the kids. Project T.H.I.N.K. has expanded to Santa Teresita Elementary School and Immaculate Conception School. Overall, Project T.H.I.N.K. is ready for the new sessions to begin.

Weekly Tutorial Program with elementary school aged students
Project T.H.I.N.K (Teaching, Helping, Inspiring, Nurturing Kids) was created to help support our tutorial programs. The program consists of simple tutoring and helping students with their homework. These students are referred to the program because they need the extra help for them to succeed in their studies. The program was a great success this past year and it would have not been possible if it were not for the volunteers.

This year, we will still be working with St. Monica elementary School and expanding to Santa Teresita Elementary School. These students need YOU and the schools have has made this an exclusive opportunity for MSMC Students. St. Monica Elementary School is conveniently close to our Chalon campus while Santa Teresita Elementary School close to our Doheny campus but students from both campuses are welcomed to join.

Project T.H.I.N.KThe tutorial days and hours for Immaculate Conception School - Los Angeles, CA

The tutorial days and hours for Santa Teresita Elementary School - Los Angeles, Ca

The tutorial hours for St. Monica Elementary School - Santa Monica, Ca

Because of the structured nature of this program, we would encourage you to discuss possible credits for the project with your instructor. All students selected to join will receive free Virtus training (a simple training) and Live Scan screening (a quick process) which is required when working with certain schools. Please contact us for details on where the training will be located. Upcoming Virtus training dates will be announced and can be found at the Virtus Site.

If you are unable to attend one of these dates or complete the Live Scan screening when you start, you will be on an interim status which means you will have a certain amount of time to fulfill the requirements. Live Scan will be conducted on campus. Please keep a look out for dates.

To take part in Project T.H.I.N.K., please fill out an application and send it the Office of Community Engagement in Building 7 (Doheny) or the Office of Student Affairs in Humanities 200 (Chalon).You can also pick up a hard copy of the application at the above offices. If you have any questions, please contact Maryann Nguyen at (213)477-2574 or email her at

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CHA - Center for Healthy Aging

Santa Monica, Ca

Daily Money Management Program & Friendly Visitor Program
Volunteer and Internship Positions

Center for Healthy Aging is a nonprofit agency that provides and promotes progress health and human service programs to enhance healthy aging.

Center for Healthy Aging's Daily Money Management program is designed to help maintain the highest possible level of independence for persons who are having difficulty managing their daily financial activities. Volunteers and Interns in this program will help the elderly with the following Services.
Information & Referral: Connections with other financial and legal resources available on the Westside and advice on insurance, Medicare, and MediCal
Assistance & Education: Help with financial difficulties such as negotiating payment plans with creditors, applying for government benefits, financial and legal planning, and income tax preparation
Bill Paying: Assistance with completing claim forms, monthly check writing, maintaining and balancing checkbook, establishing filing systems
Representative Payee: Services to clients on Social Security or government pensions who need a trustworthy person to act as a designated agent for handling their government benefits

The Friendly Visitor Program for the Housebound Client program invites volunteers to visit their clients for 1 to 2 hours a week. The nature of these visits may vary from clients who prefer to chat for an hour to others who like to take a walk or go to special places such as a museum or church. The volunteer and client mutual decide together how to spend their time.

For more information on these programs, please see the following information:

To volunteer for the Daily Money Management Program, contact Linda Berri, MA at 310-576-2550, ext. 234 or email 

To volunteer for the Friendly Visitor Program, contact Eugenia Brusilovsky at 310-576-2550, ext. 238 or email

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