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Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's

Mount St. Mary's College Partners with MyCollege Foundation to Launch Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's.

Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, and the Denver-based MyCollege Foundation have announced the launch of Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's. A dynamic, affordable model for higher education, Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's will provide a high quality, transfer-level, blended associate degrees to students who have the desire but lack the means to pursue a more traditional college path.

The MyCollege Foundation concept was developed at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the aim to help low-income youth in America gain excellent college credentials more affordably. The Gates Foundation is also providing early grant support for Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's. Mount St. Mary's, a private, Catholic, liberal arts college, was founded in 1925 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, whose mission was to identify and provide for the needs of society. In the spirit of the pioneering women who founded the College, Mount St. Mary's serves a diverse student body that primarily includes women, first-generation students and other underserved populations.

It is that background, along with Mount St. Mary's academic reputation and its ability to develop leadership skills and foster a spirit of service among its students, that led the MyCollege Foundation to seek out Mount St. Mary's as its partner in this holistic, accessible approach to higher education online.

"Mount St. Mary's has had a longstanding commitment to educating the underserved," said Dr. Ann McElaney-Johnson, president of Mount St. Mary's College. "This new, exciting partnership brings this commitment and our top-quality curriculum together with Portmont's innovations in pedagogy, technology and student supports to offer a high quality, personalized educational experience to thousands of new students."

With a high quality and rigorous curriculum developed by the faculty of Mount St. Mary's College, with the assistance of the Portmont executive team, Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's will provide access to quality, personalized learning solutions and comprehensive wrap-around support services. Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's will begin with four blended associate degree programs: Business Administration, Computer Science, Liberal Arts, and Pre-Health Science. Courses combine the best of personalized online education with in-person student cohorts, supports and social learning opportunities.

"Portmont is designed to be the springboard for those young adults who have the grit and determination to succeed, but who face burdens and barriers, financial or otherwise, that could limit that success," said Srikant Vasan, founder and president of Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's.

The hallmark of the Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's curriculum is its focus on core capabilities that students will need for long-term career success. "Portmont students will graduate with not just a high quality, respected degree, but also the ability to think clearly, work well in teams, and communicate effectively," said Vasan. "They will have what they need to succeed in the workforce and in their communities."

Portmont College at Mount St. Mary's will open first in Denver. Once the model is established, students will be admitted from additional cities nationwide.

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