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Yin Yang: The Way of Ways

Aug. 23:

The yin yang theory has penetrated all aspects of Chinese thought and culture for thousands years and it has also become the best-known Chinese concept in the West. This seminar will offer a comprehensive account of this multilayered theory with three aspects. First, it shows the complexity and depth of this notion that beyond a simple statement of balance and harmony. Second, it examines a thinking paradigm that unites mind and body, reason and emotion, knowing and doing. Third, it discusses the practical significances that relate to our contemporary life, such as the role of female, body cultivation and practical wisdom.

Scholar Bio: Robin Wang is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Asian & Pacific Studies at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA. She received her BA and MA from Peking University, China; MA from University of Notre Dame; and PhD from University of Cardiff, UK. She has been teaching a wide range of courses related to Chinese thought and culture: Classics of Chinese Philosophy, Mind and Body in Daoism, Confucian Thought: Common Good and the Way of Life, Images of Women in Philosophy West and East.

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