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Financial Clearance Deadline - FAQ

Do I need to sign up for eRefund on CASHNet to receive my refund?

Enrollment in eRefund on CASHNet is mandatory for students who are expecting a refund of the excess funds on account.  Students who do not enroll on CASHNet will not have access to their refund check immediately and may be subject to a check processing fee.

Do I still have to clear my account if I register after the Financial Clearance Deadline?

Students who register after the FCD have 10 business days to clear the balance on their student account.

Do I still need to clear my account if I am receiving VA benefits to pay for the cost of my tuition and expenses?

Students who receive VA benefits to cover the costs of tuition and fees will need to file a Clearance form by the FCD to indicate benefit eligibility.   The Clearance form is not required if financial aid awards applied are over and above the eligibility benefits received.

How do I access my CASHNet account to view my eBill ?

New Students who have registered for the semester will receive a pin  via their Mount email account, with instructions to access their CASHNet account.   If you do not remember your pin or have not received it, please contact the Bursar's Office at Chalon 310-954-4042, or Doheny 213-477-2540, to have your pin resent.  CASHNet may be accessed at


How do I apply for the Archdiocese Discount?

The Archdiocese Discount is available for Grad Students who are currently employed with the
Archdiocese or Catholic school.  Students applying for the discount will need to submit a verification letter of employment.  The letter will needs to be on the employer's letterhead.   Please see link for more information: 


How do I clear my account by the Financial Clearance Deadline?

Clearance of balance can be made by payment or financial aid funds or both.  Students may also clear their accounts by enrolling in a payment plan on CASHNet.   Providing proof of health coverage is part of the clearance process.
All full time and nursing students will need to provide proof of health coverage or they will automatically be billed and enrolled in coverage with  the Mount's health plan.  Students with their personal health coverage will need to opt out of the Mount's coverage every semester to avoid this charge.  Information on health coverage may be obtained at the following link

How do I clear my account, if my employer reimburses the cost of my tuition expenses?

Students who receive employer tuition reimbursement will need to file a Clearance form with the Doheny Bursar's Office to indicate their sponsor billing.  The Clearance form along with the employer's verification letter of reimbursement will need to be submitted to the Bursar's Office by the FCD.  Please click on the link below to access the form:

How do I enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) to clear my account?

Students may enroll in a the Mount's Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) to clear the balance on their account by logging onto their CASHNet account and signing up for a six month or four month payment plan.  The CASHNet site may be accessed at:

How do I know if my tuition account balance is cleared?

Mount Students may access their tuition account to verify the balance due on CASHNet at A zero balance on a Student's tuition account indicates the account is cleared.  If there is a balance due, the Student will need to either pay the balance, or enroll in a MPP by the FCD.   The Bursar's Office also sends eBills monthly to the Student's Mount email account.  Students are responsible for reviewing the monthly eBills for accuracy.  Students may check the status of their tuition account by contacting the Business Office or stop by in person at either the Chalon or Doheny Campus.

I have cleared the balance on my account, how do I remove the Bursar's Hold (restriction)?

The Bursar's Hold or restriction on a Student's account will be removed upon verification of clearance.  Please contact the Bursar's Office at Chalon - 310-954-4040 or Doheny 213-477-2520 to remove the Bursar's hold on your Student's account.

I have insurance coverage, where do I file the Insurance Waiver to opt out of the Mount's Health plan?

Students who have their own personal health coverage will need to file a Health Insurance Waiver every semester by the FCD to opt out of the Mount's Health plan.   The Health Insurance waiver link is located at

Students who do not file an insurance waiver will be automatically billed for the Mount's health plan. 

I was assessed a late clearance fee in error, how do I get this fee reversed?

 If a late clearance fee was assessed in error, please contact the Bursar's Office at Chalon 310-954-4040 or Doheny 213-477-2540 to reverse the charge.  Late clearance fees are valid if the Student does not clear the account by the FCD. 

I'm enrolled in a monthly payment plan (MPP) - what happens if I do not make payment?

Students who do not maintain their monthly payments will be subject to a monthly late payment fee.   The FCD fees may apply if the balance remains outstanding at the end of the term.   

My account shows Pending Financial Aid, does this mean my account is cleared?

Financial aid awards and loans must be applied to your account by the FCD in order to clear the balance on your account.  If financial aid awards are still pending after the FCD, a $105 late clearance fee will be assessed. 

My eBill shows a credit balance is there anything else I need to do to clear?

A credit balance on the eBill indicates that the account is overpaid, in which case, the account is cleared.  This is due to the financial aid awards, i.e., loans, grants and scholarships exceeding the cost of tuition.  In this instance, the Student may request the Bursar's Office to refund the amount of the credit.  If the credit is due to an over award in loans, and the Student would like to "rollover" the funds to the next semester, the Student will need to file a Refund Authorization Form with the Bursar's Office to keep the funds on the account.  The Refund Authorization Form may be accessed at:

There are Late Clearance Fees charged on my account, why was my account charged these fees?

The Late Clearance Fees were charged to your student account because you did not clear your balance due by the Financial Clearance Deadline (1st $105 fee) and by the semester start date (2nd $105.00 fee).  

Late Clearance Fees are valid if the Student does not clear the account by the FCD (please click on the FCD link for semester clearance dates) and by the semester start date. 

What are the FCD dates to clear my Student Account every semester?

The FCD dates are posted on the Bursar's Office website at  Please review your program and the clearance date to ensure you meet the FCD.


What are the implications of having a hold on my account?

If your account is hold you do not have access to grades, official transcripts, diplomas, or future registration until the balance is pain in full.

What if I do not clear the balance on my account by the Financial Clearance Deadline?

Students who do not clear the balance on their account by the Financial Clearance Deadline will be charged a $105  Late Clearance Fee.   A restriction will also be placed on the student's account, which will prevent the release of transcripts, grades and or diploma.   Students who do not clear the balance on their accounts after the first day of the semester, will be charged another $105 late clearance fee.  A total of $210 may be assessed to the Student's account and may result in the withdrawal of classes enrolled.

What is a Bursar at Mount St. Mary's College?

The Bursar at Mount St. Mary's College oversees the Business Office that is responsible for billing of tuition and fees, collecting payments on student accounts, eCommerce, institutional student loans, student refund disbursements and other areas that involve student tuition accounts and accounts receivables.

What is a Bursar's Hold and where do I go to remove this hold on my account?

The Bursar's Office and Business Office are the same.  A Bursar's Office hold is a restriction on your account that is placed by the Business Office.  Please contact our Business Office Associates if you have a Bursar's Hold on your account.  Our Business Office Associates will be able to assist you with your inquires and provide you with the details in removing the hold on your account.

What is a Financial Clearance Deadline (FCD)?

The Financial Clearance Deadline (FCD) is a set date that occurs every semester, that requires all Mount Students to clear their tuition balance on account, either by financial aid, payment on account or enrollment in a payment plan for the balance due.

What is FERPA? And why do my parents need FERPA clearance from the Business Office?

FERPA – Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act – mandates that we protect the privacy of student education records.   The Bursar’s Office requires Mount students to provide their parents or guardians with access to their account on CASHNet so that our office can release information to parents or guardians. Click on the link below to learn more about setting up parents and authorized users on CASHNet.

When will I be able to receive the excess of my credit balance from my loan disbursement (refund)?

The Business Office strives to accommodate student's refund request in accordance with the federal guidelines.  Student refunds may may take up to 10 business days to process after the Add/Drop period of the semester.

Why do I have to wait till after the Add/Drop deadline to receive my refund of loan disbursement(s)?

The Business office reviews student accounts for a credit balance, billing errors, and financial aid verification to validate the refund due the student.  Refund requests are then  submitted to the Accounts Payable department for processing.

Why is my account on hold?

Student accounts are placed on hold due to balance due or delinquent monthly payment plans. If you believe your account to have been placed on hold in error please contact the Business Office as soon as possible.