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Mount St. Mary's College Institutional Loans

Private Loans Available for Qualifying MSMC Students

Forgivable Nursing Loans

Click on the following for more information on institutional loans:


Loan Deferments

  • Students are eligible for a loan deferment if they are currently enrolled in a accredited school at least part-time (six-units).
  • Loans that qualify for a deferment: Federal Stafford, Nursing and Perkins Loans.
  • In-School deferments for Institutional Loans are not available if Student is not attending MSMC.

For more information regarding loan deferments please email: Eric A. Mejia, Collections Associate at




Entrance Interviews

In order for students to qualify for institutional loans they must complete the necessary documents at the Office of Student Financing . The Office of Student Financing will determine eligibility for the awarding of Institutional loans. Once awarded you may then make an appointment with the Student Loans/Collection Manager to complete an application and endorse the promissory note. (Sample Loan Application Form)

To schedule an appointment you may call or contact via email Eric A. Mejia, Collections Associate, at


Exit Interviews

Please click on the link - Financial Counselor  to complete your loan exit interview on-line. 

  • An exit interview is mandatory for graduation. (Sample form)
  • Must be done prior to the student leaving the program or graduation date.
  • Information given at the interview: copies of documents of endorsed Promissory Note, Repayment Schedule, Disclosure Statement, and other pertinent information.

To schedule an appointment you may call or contact via email Eric A. Mejia, Collections Associate at