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On Line Access to eBills, ePayments, & Payment Plans 

How will new students be able to access their Accounts on line?

New students will receive their login, (student ID#) and password when they receive their acceptance letters from the Admissions Dept.

How do I login online to access my account?

Students will  login at the CASHNet site at:

at the login prompt enter your 7 digit student ID number, if you don't have 7 digits, you will need to add a leading zero.  For example: ID # 99999,  would enter "0099999". 

Students are sent their passwords via their My MSMC email account.  If you have not received your password, please contact the Business Office.

How do I set up an authorized user to access my on line account?

Students who have access to their on line accounts may set up authorized users to view their bill, make payments and set up payment plans.  To add an authorized user click on "Add New" in the "Authorized User Names" box and enter the names of those who you will give authorization to access your on line account.

Please be sure that you state the full name of the authorized user for verification purposes.

Can authorized users set up their own passwords?

Yes, once the student creates the account for the authorized user, they will be sent a temporarily password to access the student's account and at that time they would login and will be required to change their password.

Please be sure that you state the full name of the authorized user for verification purposes.

How do I know if I'm enrolled in the installment plan?

Students can verify if they are enrolled in the installment plan by clicking on the “Installment Payment Plans” link. Scheduled monthly payments indicate the Student is enrolled in an installment plan.

How do I know If I'm eligible for an installment plan?

Students with a current balance may be eligible for an installment payment plan.

Does the installment plan automatically state the amount that is to be paid monthly?
Yes. The balance is automatically calculated to indicate the amount to pay monthly.
Is the installment plan available to international students who do not qualify for federal aid?

Yes, international students can also enroll in the installment plan.

Is there a fee to enroll in the installment payment plan?
Yes, the enrollment fee is $20 per semester.
What happens if I enroll in a payment plan and my payments are late?

Late payments will be assessed $30 each month the payment is late. 

Will I be notified of payments due?

Students will be sent monthly statements. The Statements or eBills will be sent to the students' my MSMC email account.

Does MSMC offer any other type of payment plan?

The installment payment plan is the only plan available to students who enroll via CASHNet.

Can we still make a payment at the Business Office?

Yes, students will still be able to make payments at the Business Office.

Will checks still be accepted in the Business Office?

Yes. Checks will still be accepted by the Business Office.

What type of payment methods are accepted?
MSMC accepts payment via debit and all major credit cards :(American Express, Discover, VISA and MasterCard), checks and cash.
Does my online account include any information on work-study?

No. Information regarding work-study earnings may be obtained through the Office of Student Financing.

Will my work-study earnings show on my account?

No. Work study earnings will not be included in the student's account statement.

Will the balance on my account include work study?
No. Work study will not be included in the statement of account balance.
Are we able to view our loans?

No. Please contact Student Financing for more information at:


Does our balance include our grants, loans, etc?
Yes. If you are awarded financial aid, it will appear on your on-line statement and will automatically calculate your balance to include the grants and loans etc.
What is Pending Financial Aid?
Pending financial aid are the financial aid awards that have not been disbursed or applied to the student’s account, but will be applied at a later date.
Why are the financial aid awards & loans still pending?

Federal disbursements of funds have not occurred, the student has to complete documents with financial aid, and or because funds do not apply to the account till after the add/drop period.

Where do I access the CASHNet site on line?

The CASHNet site can be accessed at:

When will students be able to access their account on line?
Students will have access to their on-line account prior to the start of the Fall 2010 semester.
When will the CASHNet service be available?
CASHNet is scheduled to be available on line the first week of May 2010.
What if I'm unable to access my account due to an invalid login?

If you are unable to access your on-line account due to an invalid login or if you get locked out of your account; you will be able to obtain access after 24 hours or the next business day.

Please contact the Business Office for assistance during normal business hours. Click on the link below for more information on the Business Office hours of operation:


Does the site have a tutorial video?
What is a Statement of Account?
The Statement of Account shows charges for tuition and fees and credits applied (e.g. tuition payments and loans), as well as pending financial aid for the year.
Why is there a running tally (column to the far right) of the Statement?
A running tally helps to see the actual balance after a transaction occurs on the student’s account.
What is a Graduation Fee?

Information regarding the Graduation Fees can be obtained in the College Catalog at:

What is a Nursing Fee?

Information regarding Nursing Fees can be obtained via the College Catalog at:

What is a Late Clearance Fee?

Information regarding the Late Clearance fees can be obtained at:


When will my financial aid post to my account balance, i.e. Fed Stafford loans, Cal Grants, Pell Grants?

Information regarding financial aid may be obtained at the Office Student Financing at:


How do I get my financial aid refund?

Information on receiving a financial aid refund can be obtained at:


What are College Service Fees?

Information regarding College Service Fees can be obtained at:


Is the Health Insurance Fee charged in the Fall or can it be spread out over time?

Starting Fall 2010 - Insurance premiums will now be billed per semester rather than once a year. More information for Health Insurance Charges

Why am I being billed health insurance?

Information regarding Health Insurance can be obtained at:


What does a negative or credit balance on the statement?
A negative balance amount appearing in the Total Amount Due section of the statement means the student is expecting a refund.
Who do I contact to discuss my Statement of Account?

The student can call or visit the Business Office and speak to an Associate for assistance.

Please click on the link for contact information and office hours: