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Postdoctoral Fellowship

Hello and congratulations on receiving your doctorate! We appreciate your interest in our CAPIC membership Postdoctoral Fellowship program. Relevant information has been included on this website to help you determine if we are a compatible training site for you and your advanced professional goals. Best of luck with your search!

Training Overview

Our training philosophy views Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) as a welcoming and supportive university setting committed to training. The general purpose is to guide budding psychologists to appropriate levels of clinical competence and professional conscience given their level of experience. Our training values learning through observation, mentoring, modeling, didactic training, and supervision.

In support of the mission of the College and the Student Affairs division, CPS is committed to serving and enhancing the holistic well-being of our students as well as educating and consulting with the college community.

We have two Postdoctoral Fellowship positions. The Postdoctoral Fellowships is a nine-and-half month, full-time training program that meets the licensure requirements in Psychology for supervised postdoctoral experience as defined by the California Code of Regulations (section 1387). The Fellow will accrue 1500 hours, working forty to forty-four hours/week working at both the Chalon and Doheny campuses. The salary is $30,000 for 9.5 months and includes health, dental and other benefits. The Fellowship begins August 14, 2015 and ends May 31, 2016.

In regards to postdoctoral training, CPS provides a collegial, supportive, and semi-structured training site. The Postdoctoral Fellow will be setting advanced level professional goals and completing a self-assessment in the beginning and the end of the Fellowship year. The Fellow will be supervised regularly but working with more autonomy than in practica and pre-doctoral training experiences. The level of responsibility will also increase in areas such as pursuing specific areas of interest, modeling ethical and professional behavior, developing a more integrated personal clinical style, coordinating outreach projects, taking initiative on establishing liaison relationships on-campus, handling more complex clinical cases, carrying a larger clinical caseload, becoming better versed at integrating theory, research, and practice, participating in professional organizations, completing special projects, and attending continuing education workshops, and providing trainings.

CPS is committed to working collaboratively with our Fellow to become a more confident, competent generalist psychologist. Areas to be assessed throughout the year to insure adequate competency include -1-clinical knowledge and skill across assessment, conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention, and referral -2-openness to self-examination, -3-multiculturally-congruent assessment, treatment, and outreach, -4- application of CA laws and APA ethical guidelines, -5- clinical work informed by empirical research, and -6- development of a stronger professional identity. By the end of the year, the Fellow should be ready to contribute their knowledge and skills as an entry-level staff member in various settings.

The Fellow provides a range of services to both undergraduate and graduate students. Common student concerns addressed by our staff include depression, anxiety, academic performance, family and romantic relationships, eating disorders, substance abuse, adjustment disorders, intergenerational conflict and low self-esteem.

The majority of the Fellow’s time at CPS is devoted to providing direct clinical service. Fifty to sixty percent of the time each week is devoted to counseling clients in short-term therapy and crisis intervention. The Fellow can carry two long-term clients in her/his caseload, one on each campus.

The Postdoctoral Fellow has opportunities to consult with the Mount St. Mary’s College community, such as parents, staff and faculty. As a result, the Fellow will gain increased competence in providing culturally-sensitive education and guidance. The main purpose is to help the community assist our students in removing obstacles and optimizing holistic development.

Prevention Programming 
Outreach is considered a key component of our work at the Mount. The purpose is to reach the underserved and provide psycho-educational prevention programs that will increase the well-being of our community. Outreach opportunities are numerous at CPS. Each year, we receive requests from different departments, such as the Orientation Committee, Learning Resource Center, Residence Life, Women’s Leadership, Student Activities, and professors. Fellows will develop formal and/or informal liaison relationships with other departments and learn to develop culturally-appropriate prevention programs. Some programs are collaborative efforts, such as Take Back the Night, which is an annual sexual assault prevention program. Other programs, such as National Depression Screening Day, are sponsored solely by CPS. The diverse outreach opportunities provide the Fellow with a better understanding of the campus community and the development of a broader range of skills.

Training Seminars
The Fellow attends didactic trainings regularly on clinical topics relevant to our young adult college population. A sample of past topics includes Latino Psychology and Clinical Implications, Updates on Psychopharmacology, Evidence-Based Treatments, and Crisis Intervention. Speakers include CPS staff as well as community psychologists. Relevant readings are provided.

The Fellow receives four hours of supervision each week, 3 hours of individual supervision and 2 hour of group supervision by licensed clinical psychologists. The Fellow works with different supervisors which enhances the training experience. Staff also meets weekly for an hour for case conference.

Additional Benefits

The Postdoctoral Fellow will receive Mount St. Mary’s College health insurance and dental plan. The Fellow can use university facilities, including the library, the campus cafes, the pools, and the gyms with a university ID. Discount rates are offered on bookstore merchandise and community cultural events. Assistance will be provided to defray the cost of attending psychology workshops when funds are available. The Fellow accrues vacation time off and typically has seven university holidays.

About MSMC

Mount St. Mary’s College is a private, Catholic college of approximately 2,700 students, the majority of whom are women. The students are diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, and life experience. For example, 47% of the students we serve are Latina/o, 22% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 15% are Caucasian, and 6% are African American.

The Chalon campus is nestled in the hills above Brentwood with beautiful views of Los Angeles and the coast. The historic Doheny campus is a magnificent enclave of Victorian homes converted into classrooms and offices. It is located near downtown Los Angeles.

Application Process

Applicants having prior experience working at a university counseling center and demonstrating maturity as well as openness to ongoing learning are preferred. Applicants from APA-accredited clinical or counseling psychology doctoral programs are preferred. Applicants must have completed all professional doctoral degree requirements from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, including an internship meeting CAPIC or APPIC standards. The doctoral degree must be completed before the beginning of the Postdoctoral Fellowship.

To apply to our Postdoctoral Fellowship, please include in one packet (to be mailed to Dr. Kendra Nickerson) a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, official graduate school transcripts and three letters of recommendation (one from an academic source and two from clinical supervisors).

If your recommender(s) do not wish to give you a hard copy letter to include in the packet you may have them e-mail the letter directly to Dr. Kendra Nickerson at  Please have them put your name and POSTDOC APPLICANT in the subject line.

Application Deadline: Position is open until filled. Applications will be reviewed beginning February 01, 2015.

Please mail (not e-mail) all materials to: 
Kendra Nickerson, PhD 
Counseling & Psychological Services
Mount St. Mary’s College
10 Chester Place
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 477-2805

If you have any questions about MSMC and Counseling & Psychological Services, check our website at contact Kendra Nickerson, PhD, Associate Director/Training Director, at (213) 477-2805 or

Selection Process

Selected applicants will be contacted for an in-person or telephone/skype interview. We may contact references for additional information. The top candidates will be made an offer. Once an offer is accepted, the remaining applicants will be notified.

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

2013-2014: Elizabeth Poloskov, PhD (Arizona State University)
                    Young Song, PhD (University of Missouri)

2012-2013: Gina Davis, PsyD (Alliant International University)
                    Summer Zapata, PsyD (Alliant International University)

2011-2012: Leslie Klein, PhD (Gallaudet University)
                    Elika Abtahi, PsyD (Alliant International University)

2010-2011: Christine Catipon, PsyD (Argosy University, OC)

2009-2010: Allison Peters, PsyD (Alliant International University)

2008-2009: Jaclyn Mayberry, PhD (California Graduate Institute)

2007-2008: Joanna Edwards, PsyD (Pepperdine University)

2006-2007: Tara Lenee, PsyD (Alliant International University)