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Chalon Residence Halls

Brady Residence Hall

Brady is located to the West of Brady chapel and is at the center of campus.  The ground floor of the Brady building (known as the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Commons) houses the cafeteria, Mailroom, Women's Leadership, and the Student Lounge.  Named after Sister Margaret Mary Brady, the College's first president, this residence hall is unique because it houses primarily double and triple rooms. 

  • Has 3 floors that houses 169 residents.  The ground floor houses the cafeteria, mailroom, Women’s Leadership Office, Commuter kitchen, and Student Lounge.
  • The Residence Life Office is housed on the 1st floor.  It connects to Carondelet 4th floor and the cafeteria is located on the ground floor.
  • There is a computer lab on the 1st floor across from the lounge that residents can access with their Access/MRP key.
  • The bathrooms on Brady first and seconds floors are community style bathrooms.  Some rooms in Brady 3rd floor have a bathroom in the room that is shared with 5 to 6 residents that are housed in suite style rooms.  Each room has an heating and air unit that controls the temperature of that room.

Carondelet Hall

Carondelet Hall, which is adjoined to Brady Hall, is unique because all of the rooms are structured in a suite-style setting.  This means that two rooms are connected by a shared bathroom.  The 5 floors of Carondelet provide a quiet and peaceful setting for students, while still remaining centrally located on campus. 

  • Has 5 floors plus the ground floor (also known as the CASA) that houses 218 residents.
  • All rooms are single and large double suites (a suite is a room that is connected to another room by a bathroom)
  • There is a computer lab on the 1st floor that residents can access with their access/MRP key
  • The CASA is located on the ground floor of Carondelet, and it is reserved for male housing.  There are 14 spaces for male residents plus a Resident Assistant.  There is a small lounge area with a television and a computer.  All male residents must abide by male visiting hours.
  •      Each room has a heater that is turned on in November and a wall fan mounted on to the wall.

Rossiter Hall

Rossiter Hall, which is located to the east of Mary Chapel, has a beautiful view that overlooks the east side of Los Angeles.  There is a small garden area on the back side of Rossiter, known as Haven Park, where students can sit and enjoy the view of downtown Los Angeles, the Getty, and Westwood. 

  • This hall tends to be the quieter hall due to most rooms being single rooms with half bath. 
  • Most rooms on Rossiter 2nd and 3rd are single rooms with half bath have a bathroom with a toilet.  The showers are community showers.
  • Has 3 floors that house 70 residents.
  • The second floor has 4 large double rooms with two bathrooms that are shared by the 8 residents.
  • Male residents are housed in the first floor of Rossiter in large double rooms.  There are two bathrooms that are shared by the 6 male residents and a small lounge.
  • Has a central heater that provides heat to all the rooms.  Each room has a wall fan.

Yates and Aldworth Houses

Yates and Aldworth are 2 of 3 "condominium" style buildings on the north end of the Chalon campus.  The second and third floors are open, which means that the third floor overlooks the second floor.  There is a large living area, dining area, and kitchen, which makes these buildings feel more like home and less like a traditional residence hall building.  The third building, the Burns House, is occupied by Sisters, who are involved on campus and with the residents of Yates and Aldworth.

  • Each house has 3 floors.
  • Yates houses 26 residents and Aldworth houses 21 residents in small doubles, large doubles and triples.  The bathrooms are suite style.
  • Each house has a large kitchen, lounge, and dining area located on the second floor of the building.  Each house has a Resident Assistant living on the second floor as well.