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Mary's Day 2009

Campus Center
Chalon Campus
April 26, 2014
2:00 PM

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Academic Honors and College Award Convocation

Crowning of the Statue of Mary

MaryWhat is Mary's Day?

Mary's Day 2006 video
Mary's Day 2007 video

Mary's Day is the annual celebration in which the college honors the woman for whom it is named - Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Throughout the years, Mount St. Mary's has honored Mary in recognizing students who exemplify her spirit of courage, inspiration, service, and dedication to the development of their unique gifts.

As family and friends, faculty and administration join together in celebrating the achievements of Mount students, we also join together with Mary, who walked new paths with grace and determination, bringing life to the world - and who surely delights with us in students who do the same.



From the beginning of Christianity, Mary has been accorded a special place of honor as the Mother of Christ.

Early in the Middle Ages, reverence for Mary developed in a great variety of European traditions, many of which survive and flourish to this day. Today, in many cultures and countries through out the world - from Guam to Latin America, from Samoa to Vietnam - Mary is honored in joyful processions to shrines or images dedicated to her.

This is especially true in the spring, when devotion to Mary is associated with the celebration of the riches of the earth and the abundance of new life.  In the northern hemisphere, this often takes place in May.

Mary's image is traditionally showered with flowers and crowned with wreaths.

In the procession to her statue, enshrined on our campus, where the recipients of the President's Award crown Mary with a wreath of flowers, Mount St. Mary's celebrates anew her life-giving "yes" to God, and the ongoing gifts of creation, hope, achievement, and life.




2013 Mary's Day Award Recipients


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