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Deceased Loved Ones


In the month of November, we remember in prayer the members of the Mount community who have died: our staff, faculty, Sisters, students, alums, friends and family members. We invite you to share the names of your loved ones here who have died during the period of November, 2013 through October, 2014 by October 30; we will then post their names in our campus chapels.

We will also remember them in a special Mass of Remembrance on Sunday, Nov. 2 at 7pm in Mary Chapel on the Chalon campus, and on Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 4pm in Mercy Chapel on the Doheny campus. You are especially invited to take part in these Masses - to pray for your loved ones, and pray for others in the MSMC community who have lost loved ones.

Names of Deceased MSMC Loved Ones

Names of Deceased MSMC Loved Ones

We welcome you to submit the names of your deceased loved ones who have died since November 2011. We place their names in our chapel and pray for them at the Masses of Remembrance on Nov. 4 (Chalon 7pm) and Nov. 7 (Doheny 4:45pm).

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