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RCIA and Confirmation 

Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation

RCIA means Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and it is a Catholic program for those seeking to be Baptized or receive Eucharist for the first time. Those wishing to be Confirmed have already been baptized and received Eucharist.


The celebration of Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation will take place Spring 2013!

Interested in receiving one of these sacraments? Perhaps this is the year for you! 


Who can I contact about receiving these sacraments?

For those wishing to be baptized or receive First Communion, you will begin by talking with Gail Gresser, Director of Campus Ministry. She can be reached via email, by phone at (310) 954-4126 or in person at the Chalon Campus Ministry office in the Humanities building on the first floor. Once you decide with Gail if you wish to continue in this process, then you will continue your journey with Laura Gomez, Coordinator of Campus Ministry on the Chalon campus.

If you are seeking Confirmation, contact Gaile Krause, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry at Doheny, via email, by phone at (213) 477-2694 or in person at the Doheny Campus Ministry office in House 7. Check out the Confirmation web page for more info.

For preparation for all three sacraments, please fill out a form you can download here and bring it to one of the Campus Ministry offices.

Are there meetings and events that I attend?

Doheny and Chalon students seeking Baptism and First Communion meet on a regular basis at the Chalon campus with Gail Gresser or Laura Gomez at a time convenient for both of you.

Doheny and Chalon students seeking Confirmation meet weekly on each campus with our Confirmation coordinators beginning in the Spring of each year. Regular attendance at these meetings is important to be fully prepared for this sacrament. There is also a retreat in the spring.

Please visit the Confirmation web page for more information and updates.

On Sundays, students preparing for these sacraments are asked to participate in a parish community for Mass or to attend the Sunday evening Mass at Chalon at 7:00pm.

When will I receive these sacraments?

At the Mount, the Mass where you are baptized, given First Eucharist or Confirmed, is generally on the Sunday after Easter. The next celebration will be in the Spring 2013.

History of the Initiation Process (RCIA)

The need for reform of the adult initiation practice was voiced during the 1950s by the churches in France, Africa and Asia that were struggling to develop more effective ways to initiate adults into Catholic life. By the Second Vatican Council, these churches were pressing for reform. The bishops of the Council responded with a mandate to revise the rite of baptism of adults, and to restore the catechumenate much like that of the early church.

The time of the catechumenate, which is intended as a period of well-suited instruction, was divided into several steps and sanctified by liturgical rites to be celebrated - with the community - at successive intervals of time. In 1974, a new order of adult initiation was offered to the universal church.

In 1988, the bishops of the United States approved and mandated the implementation of the final English translation of the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults.


Definition of terms used in the Initiation Process


Candidate - One who is already baptized in another Christian faith, who is now preparing to be received into the full communion of the Catholic Church.

Catechumen - One who is not baptized and is preparing for full initiation at the Easter Vigil (or Sunday after Easter at the Mount) by receiving the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Eucharist.

Elect - The name given to catechumens who celebrated the Rite of Election on the first Sunday of Lent, signifying their being chosen for the initiation sacraments. 

Inquirer - One who is "inquiring" into Christianity in the Catholic tradition.

Neophyte - One who initiated at the Easter Vigil. The term comes from the Greek word meaning new plant, as in a new sprout on a limb or branch. 


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