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Fair Trade Shopping 

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a growing, international movement which ensures that producers in poor countries get a fair deal. This means a fair price for their goods (one that covers the cost of production and guarantees a living income), long-term contracts which provide real security; and for many, support to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to develop their businesses and increase sales.

Definition from the MakeTradeFair campaign on the OXFAM website:

Get started buying Fair Trade!

Below we have listed some interesting websites to consider, where you would be able to bring your shopping and your values together. You'll be able to purchase beautiful and useful items and know that the people who made them are being treated and paid fairly!


THE FAIR TRADE NETWORK  is an information hub designed to grow the fair trade movement. together, we can create a market that values the people who make the food we eat and the goods we use.

THE CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT has an Economic Development Program that promotes justice, human dignity, and self-sufficiency among the American working poor. It supports job creation and the establishment of businesses that provide decent wages, distribute profits more equitably, and ensures an active role for low-income persons in the governance of businesses.

OXFAM UNWRAPPED  Consider the unusual from Oxfam America Unwrapped for your next occasion. Browse our charitable gifts and select a unique gift for a friend or loved one. Your friend gets a card, and the money goes to those who need it most.

CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES and A Greater Gift bring you high quality, fairly traded handcrafts and gourmet food items from low-income producers all over the world through the Work of Human Hands program.

GLOBAL EXCHANGE implements the principles of socially and economically responsible business by operating according to Fair Trade Criteria.

HEARTBEATS is a ministry of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary offering a unique networking opportunity for women, minority and developing world artists to market their works to the world.

EQUAL EXCHANGE is best known as the unorthodox, employee-owned company that in 1991 pioneered the practice of fair trade with small coffee farmers.

HEIFER INTERNATIONAL is a humanitarian assistance organization that works to end world hunger and protect the earth. Through livestock donations, training, and "passing on the gift," Heifer has helped 38 million people in more than 125 countries improve their quality of life and move toward greater self-reliance.

BEAD FOR LIFE  eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful bead jewelry, and people who care open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads.

Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Wild Oats markets have Fair Trade products available in their stores.

Shop fair trade — and know that what benefits you also benefits others!

Also, check out the New American Dream website for info on how to be a conscientious consumer for the holidays.


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