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Student Life FAQ

Spiritual Life

When are the Masses and prayer services on campus? What about off campus?
For Catholics, the central experience of our faith is the Eucharist. We offer a Mass on campus twice per week that the College is in session, and for special days like Ash Wednesday or the Mass of the Holy Spirit. At Chalon, Mass is at 7:00pm on Sunday in Mary Chapel. At Doheny, Mass is on Thursdays at 4:30pm in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel. People of all faiths are welcome to attend these weekly services.

What other kinds of activities do you have to help me grow in my faith?
Prayer and spending time with friends happens in the Christian Life Community groups, which meet weekly for an hour and are led by students. On a day or night convenient for the group, 6 - 8 students meet to share what's happening in their lives, and pray with the upcoming Sunday Scriptures.

The Busy Person's Retreat, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph, takes place in October and allows students to go "on retreat" without leaving campus.

I want to serve the community somehow - what can I do?
If your interest is in working with homeless or hungry people in Los Angeles, then you will want to join other students on both campuses who prepare meals and distribute them to those in need. At Doheny, once or twice per month students join the Missionaries of Charity Brothers on Saturday mornings in downtown LA. At Chalon, students visit the needy at the Santa Monica Promenade after Mass on Sunday nights.

Want to support various organizations with donations? Watch for announcements about donation drives on campus. At different times of the year we ask for particular items like toiletries, canned food or toys, but you can donate clothing and other items anytime by bringing them to the campus chapels in bags marked with the type of item.

Other opportunities to be involved in the surrounding community can be found through the Mount Career Network.

Other ways to be involved with the on campus community include helping at Mass, visiting the retired sisters and bringing communion to the sick.

I have some items to donate but you aren't having a drive - what can I do with them?
Donations throughout the year can be placed in the chapels on both campuses.

What is the meaning of life?
That is a great question!

Tools for Academic Success

If I am struggling in any or all of my Chalon classes, how can I get assistance to help me understand the material or the professor?
Go to the Chalon Learning Center in H207, (the second floor of the Humanities building,) fill out a tutor request form indicating your availability, and await a contact from the Assistant Director to offer you a student tutor.  Please be patient and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.  We understand that this may be a crisis. 

How much does tutoring cost?
Tutoring at the Mount is free! 

How does a student become a tutor, and what qualifies them to assist me?
Student tutors have passed the same class you are taking, and they earned  both a superior grade and a recommendation from the professor.  Tutors then have to be interviewed by the Learning Center staff to determine their suitability for the role.  Once they are hired, tutors undergo regular training to equip them to assist you as much as possible.  For more details about tutor activity, See Daniel Aucutt in the Chalon Learning Center (H207) or phone him at 1-310-954-4142 (x4142).

How can I become a tutor? 
See the answer to question #3

What if I need help on writing an essay?   What about checking my paper to see if it's in line with my assignment?  
Phone the Learning Center at 1-310-954-4144, ( or extension 4144, if you live on campus,) and ask to make an appointment with David Perez, our Writing Coordinator, as soon as possible.  You need to make your appointment at least 24 hours before your paper is due, so that you can make the appropriate corrections.  The Chalon Learning Center and our Writing Coordinator will NOT proofread your essay/paper, but we will attempt to diagnose serious problems.  Once we assess your piece, we will then guide you on correcting your own writing.

What if I'm struggling with Critical Thinking, or any of the philosophy courses?
The Chalon Learning Center maintains a professional faculty tutor for these types of classes and concepts.  Please phone the Learning Center at 1-310-954-4144 to make an appointment with David Perez, our Critical Thinking tutor.   Typically, he is available two days a week.   

I seem to have difficulty managing my time.  What can I do?  My study skills could be much better.  What can I do to get assistance?   
The Chalon Learning Center offers a series of Study Skills workshops to assist you.  Please look at the bulletin board outside our office for a complete schedule of this semester's workshops.

What can I do if I have a learning disability or I suspect that I have one?
Phone Michele Lewis in the Chalon Learning Center to make a personal appointment.  Michele will assess your needs and make relevant recommendations.  Call 1-310-954-4144 to make an appointment.