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Welcome Week 2013

Chalon Welcome Week 2013

Doheny Welcome Week

Move-In Weekend Photo Slideshow: 'What I couldn't leave home without'

Melanie Bernal

My mom made this banner for my high school graduation.

Eileen Sabalburo

I made this photo pillow over the summer so I could bring it with me to college. I wanted to have all the people most important to me close by. It has my family, niece, cousins, sister, friends. It's a piece of home.

Shanell Jones

I brought my flag from Belize, where my grandmother is from. She moved here in 1965, but I've been able to go back and visit there three times in my life. It's such a pretty place and the people are so nice.

Kelsey Horrigan

This is Mela. I've had her since I was 4. What's funny is that when we got our first real dog a year later, I named it Mela, too. My family teases me about bringing a stuffed animal here with me. But teasing is how my family shows love!

Paulina Rivera

Rosaries are big with my family. My confirmation coordinator made this one. It has Saint Paul, the saint I picked for my confirmation when I was a junior.

Leah Fajardo

My favorite things are my blanket, which makes me feel comfortable, and this bear, which I’ve had since sixth grade. His name is Ted – I know, how cliché.

Christina Lombardo

My computer! It's beautiful! I've had it for four years and it keeps me connected!

Celina Bongar

I made a collage of photos of my friends from school and my family. Also, this long pillow I’ve had for two years – I can’t sleep without it.

Melanie Bernal

This fish is from my favorite movie, ‘Nemo,’ and this other one is a pink zebra. I love zebras and pink! My mom would not let me bring my pillow pets.

Naomi Caldera-Pena

The photos are mostly from my senior year in high school, and they hold lots of big memories. Birthdays, me in the Color Guard. I have my best friends and my family in the middle of the heart. And I put it next to my desk so I can look at it while I work.

Waileia Larson

I moved from Oregon so I had to pack everything. I’ve always wanted to move to California and my grandparents live here. Out of all the stuffed animals at home, I had to bring Eeyore.

Francesca Dimaisip

I had to bring my favorite stuffed animal and my photos. Russell was a birthday present when I turned nine. I can’t sleep without it. And this is a photo of me and my mom from three years ago.

Khirsty Randles

This pillow is my grandpa’s. He gave it to my mom and she gave it to me a couple of Christmases ago. He died when I was young, so this is sentimental to me.

Adriana Garcia

I brought a graduation photo and my stuffed animals – I couldn’t leave them behind. My bear I’ve had since I was 11 and I can’t sleep without him.

Celene Herrera

These are photos of my mother, sister, brother, my Dad and his side of the family. I need to see them everyday. I'm the first person out of everyone in my whole family to go to college, and these pictures remind me of all their support.

Erika Pounce

My laptop - it has everything I need! I can do my homework, Skype with my family, keep up with friends. It keeps me connected to everything.

Jessica Villanueva

My photos make my room feel more homey. They've got memories of family and friends, so this gives me an aspect of home to have here in the dorm.

Bea Dimaunahan

These are pictures of important people in my life who I love. My parents, my coaches from Academic Decathlon, friends from when I was in Key Club.