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Student Spotlight Detail

Newscasting class
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Newscasting class A

"The essentials of newscasting are introduced, including researching, writing, videotaping, directing, performing in front of the camera, and producing a newscast. The class will create and produce web-based newscasts." This fun and exciting class allows students to independently ren equipment and make newscasts. This semester the class is broken up into two sections, Class A for 1st time students and B for advanced students. To see newscasts that have been made in the class or upcoming newscasts check out

What do these students think about newscasting?

"What I like about this class is the hands on investigative approach unlike other classes were everything is book oriented. I like how we are able to have our own creations that can be seen beyond the mount which invites outsiders into our school."                 -Cynthia Ponce

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