Student Financing
Mount Saint Mary's College

Student Financing

Enrollment Changes

Please notify our office of any changes to your enrollment status. Changes in enrollment may impact your financial aid eligibility.

Adding Classes
Adding classes may effect your financial aid eligibility. Financial aid funding for additional units are contingent upon satisfactory academic progress and federal and state policies.

Dropping to less than full-time after the add/drop deadline
Students who drop below full-time after the add/drop deadline, will only be considered for loans and pro-rated Federal Pell Grants and Cal Grants. Students who drop below half-time will only be considered for Federal Pell Grants.

Withdrawing from the institution
If you withdraw from all your classes at any point during the semester, your financial aid eligibility will be reduced, based on your last day of attendance.

If you are a recipient of any federal or state aid, the Student Financing Office will calculate whether any or all of your aid will be reduced.

Additional financial aid responsibilities of students who withdraw:

  1. Notify your student loan lender(s)
  2. Complete Exit Counseling