Student Financing
Mount Saint Mary's College

Student Financing

Graduate Program

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Students (2014-2015)

Per Unit $813
College Service Fee $128
Masters Degree Programs (2014-2015)
Graduate Extension $39/unit
Graduate Religious Studies - Certificate $425/unit
Masters Degree Program $813/unit
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) $800/unit
MBA Total Tuition and International Study Travel and College Fees* $37,016

*Additional 9 units of MBA Foundations Courses at Master's Per Unit rates are required for those who did not complete equivalent foundational Business Administration courses at the undergraduate level; consult the MBA Program Director for details.

**If a student leaves or is dismissed from the MBA program, there will be a full refund of the portion of the student’s payments allocated to field study, less any amount already paid to a third party provider to cover trip costs.