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Inter-Program Transfer Procedures

To transfer from one program (AA, BA/S, WEC, Online) to another

Inter-Program Transfer Procedures to the BA/BS Program

Mount St. Mary's offers students who begin their studies in the Associate degree program the opportunity to transfer to the Baccalaureate program. Students wishing to transfer must meet the following criteria:

*If you expect to bring your GPA up to a 2.4 by the end of the current semester, you may apply to transfer to the Chalon campus.

To apply for an Inter-Program Transfer you must:

Once the final grades have been submitted for the term, a final verification will be done by the Registrar's Office. You will be notified of your transfer status by the Inter-Program Transfer Office approximately one month after the end of the term. If you have questions regarding the Inter-Program Transfer Process or requirements, contact the Inter-Program Transfer Office.

In general, the deadline to transfer for the Spring semester is in October, and the deadline to transfer for Fall semester is in March. Contact the Inter-Program Transfer Office at 213.477.2559 or the Advising Office at 213.477.2577 for specific dates.