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Architect: An architect designs buildings and other structures - anything from a private home to a large office building or an entire city's re-development. He/she must oversee all phases of the project from initial idea to completed structure, and must solve complex, technical problems while retaining artistic design.

Architectural Graphic Designer: Working with architects, this artist uses type and color to design the graphic symbols that identify buildings. Depending on the purpose of a building or complex of buildings, he may also design presentation brochures, stationery, marquees, or shopping bags. The job requires color reproduction skill, knowledge of typography, and an understanding of contemporary architecture and building materials.

Architectural Renderer: This artist creates a realistic, accurate drawing or painting of a building or interior for presentation by the architect to the client. The renderer usually works for an architectural firm, but he might also deal with city planners and independent site developers. Among the basic skills necessary is the ability to accurately pictorials building and indoor furnishing materials in pen and ink, colored pencil, and watercolor. Precise drawing and painting are required, as well as attractive architectural lettering.

Landscape Architects: Landscape Architects design the built environment of our neighborhoods, towns and cities while they protect and manage the natural environment of our forests, fields, rivers, and coasts. They have a special commitment to improving the quality of our lives through the best design of places for people.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego