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Art Therapy

Art Therapists: Talented art students who don't want to isolate themselves in a studio, who want to work with people as well as art, and who have a lot of patience, can be trained to help the emotionally disturbed as part of a therapeutic team headed by a psychiatrist. The Art Therapist must be both artist and practitioner to fulfill the functions which legitimately lie within the range of the profession. They work with people of all ages with varying degrees of functional or organic impairment, or with normal populations in schools and growth centers. They may practice with individuals, groups and/or families in the following clinical, educational or rehabilitative settings: private psychiatric hospitals and clinics, metal health centers, geriatric centers and prisons. Others go on to work in private or public schools and institutions for emotionally disturbed, deaf, blind, physically handicapped and disabled children.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego