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Fashion Designers: Fashion and clothing designers create new styles or adjust and change existing styles. They may work in men's, women's, or children's clothing design. Designers work with sketches or directly with fabric in creating a design. They must understand color, fabrics, production processes and costs, as well as the public's tastes and preferences. Many designers work on one type of apparel such as sports clothes or evening wear.

Fashion Illustrators: Fashion illustrators draw models wearing the latest fashions. They also draw accessories such as gloves, handbags and hats. Their art work appears in catalogs, newspapers, magazines and television commercials. Most are freelancers. Others are staff members of clothing manufacturers, fashion designers, mail-order firms or department stores. A definitive style and excellent technique are required.

Fashion Art Director: The fashion art director is employed by an advertising agency which may be devoted solely to fashion, producing ads showing fashion items for department stores and for fabric, jewelry, or clothing manufacturers. This art director must choose photographs, models and illustrators with whom to work in the production stage of the ad. The fashion art director sees the ad through the reproduction phase, using type and layout.

Fabric Designer: Fabric designers are the ones who create the printed patterns that appear on dress fabrics, blouses, scarves, upholstery, curtains and dozens of other things we wear or buy for our homes. They may also create wallpaper, develop decorative patterns on wall and floor tiles, and design rugs, knitted and embroidered fabrics, shower curtains, lamp shades, towels, linens for the bedroom and dining room, wrapping paper, decorative screens and wall hangings, wallboard and any surface that might be enriched by design.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego