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Film and Television

Visual artists who go into this area should be trained in communications or media arts programs in addition to art.

Art Director: The art director for film is responsible for the authenticity of sets, costumes, props, locations and sometimes for the design itself. The job requires all that the theater set designer's job requires plus knowledge of motion picture history and technique.

TV Electronic Designer: This designer explores the use of video tape, computers and advanced electronics in pursuit of making a cohesive film. He/she must have a thorough knowledge of the latest in electronics technology, and he/she must be imaginative and resourceful in applying this knowledge to new approached in this field. He/she may work on a free-lance basis or in a small group.

Animator: Careers in animation are a blend of graphic arts and film. Designers and illustrators often create the still visuals. From this, the animator creates the movement, which is giving “life” or "animation" to the character. The illustration and design skills are most important to the creation of characters that will animate well. Serious animation professionals are fine graphic artists, as well as creative film makers.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego