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Graphic Design

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer often works on a freelance basis designing for magazines, ads, and promotional material. The job requires familiarity with type, color, layout and methods of reproduction. One must be able to work with illustrators, photographers, letterers, typesetters, and printers because a job must be supervised through every phase from rough sketch to final production.

Corporate Art Director: The corporate art director establishes an image for a company and maintains it in all printed work which represents the organization. Using type, design, and color, the artist devises a logotype or symbol which provides immediate recognition for the company. This may appear on business forms, stationery, brochures, delivery trucks, the office door or wall, in the lobby of the building, and on product packaging.

Promotion Designer: This designer works for a specific company and designs the material necessary to sell the company's services or products, with the exception of consumer advertising. The output may include brochures, slide presentations, catalogues, posters and direct mailing pieces. He/she then assigns work to free-lance photographers, illustrators and letterers and must establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with many others. One needs to be able to design, layout, create rough drawings, use type and color well, and be thoroughly familiar with production methods and reproduction techniques.

Municipal Graphic Designer: This person designs signs and symbols for a city in order to make travel directions and locations clearly understood even to people unfamiliar with the city and its language. The work appears in parks, municipal buildings, on city vehicles, subway systems and in bus stations.

Record Cover Designer: This designer does the graphic design of record album covers, designing the visual counterpart of the musical mood of the music. A design decision is arrived at with the input of the record company sales department, respecting wishes of the featured recording artist. This person must be aware of the current musical trends.

Audio Visual Designer: In audio visual design, the artist generally creates educational or sales presentation. A client submits a script which must be illustrated with a series of drawings, collages, or typographic images calculated to reproduce well in slide form. These pictures symbolically or illustratively present the ideas put forth in the script. The designer sees the slides through the production phase, organizes them to follow the script, and adds the sound track necessary to complete the presentation.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego