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Photography is an art so new that artists still argue about whether photographs are really art. This debate will probably go on for years. But, we share the photographers conviction that a camera, like a brush or a pencil, is just one more tool for creating pictures.

Advertising Photographer: This photographer works with an agency art director to fulfill the demands of a layout for the advertisement. The layouts may be for proposed magazine or newspaper page. It indicates all important details so the photographer has guidelines to create the finished photograph. The photographer hires models, finds locations for the photographs or helps design sets when necessary. Lighting, props, costumes are also essential parts of his/her responsibility. The technical and artistic skills to take e the photographs are, of course, the major responsibility.

Fashion Photographer: The fashion photographer arranges and photographs fashion merchandise displayed on a model or in a still life situation. The most prestigious and imaginative work is done for fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, etc., where pure fashion is often shown. Other work is done for department stores and advertising agencies to sell everything from cosmetics and clothes to fabrics and fashion furniture.

News Photographer: Newspaper work is highly pressured. The photographer must be able to work under extraordinary conditions. For example, in scenes of human tragedy, and still maintain the objectivity necessary to spot a good shot and get it. Technique must be second nature so that the photographer can reach for the right camera and film in sometimes chaotic situations.

Product Photographer: The product photographer specializes in taking a picture of a product for a client in such a way as to make it dramatically appealing. At the same time, the purpose of the product must be made clearly understood to the audience. The photographer may work for a magazine or for an advertiser; he may work in a studio or on location.

Architectural Photographer: An architectural photographer photographs buildings and interiors. Contacts are usually made through architects. The photographs are used for annual reports and trade magazines. Architects often need photographs of work in progress from all angles. Magazines like "House Beautiful", "House and Garden", etc. often publish photographs by architectural photographers.

Illustrative Photographer: This photographer is hired by magazines to illustrate stories, and by studios or agencies to illustrate brochures or annual reports sometime the work allows the artist to illustrate the point of an article by using innovative, experimental photography and darkroom techniques.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego