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Publication Design

Editorial Art Director: The Editorial Art Director works for magazines and newspapers. Working in a format established with an editor or publisher, the artist must have the capacity to find the salient points of an article or story and conceptualize them with the illustrator or photographer who is hired to express the assignment pictorially. The editorial art director designs each page, balancing type, art, an photography.

Book Designer: Expertise in the use of typography is required for this job. Book design requires the ability to take a typewritten manuscript and transform it into a typeset book. Knowledge of bookbinding is helpful. The job requires highly refined judgment with the ability to balance type and illustration on a page in order to product the most effective publication possible.

Book Jacket Designer: This artist may be employed by a studio specializing in book jacket design, or may work on a free-lance basis. The purpose of a book jacket design is to promote the sale of the book, using type either alone or in conjunction with photography or illustration. The book jacket designer needs a strong sense of design and knowledge of the latest developments in typography and lettering. Work is assigned by the designer to photographers and illustrators.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego