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Artists who wish to participate in visual art related to theater should have a background in theater arts as well as fundamental visual art training. Apprenticeship with theater groups is necessary.

Set Designer: In order to design and create stage sets the artist must have a knowledge of drawing, plan drafting, painting, model building, carpentry, and lighting. Ideas must be articulated in sketches and models clearly enough so that they can be understood by producers, directors, costume designers, lighting designers and carpenters. The set designer must also supervise the construction of sets.

Costume Designer: The costume designer must know all that the fashion designer must know. In addition, the ability to reconstruct costumes of various historical periods is necessary. Sometime the costume designer is called upon to create highly imaginative, innovative costuming; and must be able to invent new ways of structuring costumes. Ideas must be sketched so that they may be understood by all colleagues. Supervision of costume construction is required.

Contributed by Barbara Labrosse - SUNY Oswego