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Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences BS Degree

Required Courses

Core Courses:

BIO 1/L                     Biological Dynamics                           (4,1)
BIO 2/L                     Biological Dynamics                           (4,1)
CHE 1A/L                    General Chemistry                             (4,1)
CHE 1B/L                    General Chemistry                             (4,1)
CHE 6A/L                    Organic Chemistry                             (4,1)
CHE 6B/L                    Organic Chemistry                             (4,1)
MTH 38                       Statistics                                            (3)
r PSY 40
MTH 5AB                     Calculus I/II                                       (4,4)
PHY 1A                        Physics                                              (4)
PHY 1B/L                     Physics                                             (3,1)
CHE 107/L                  Biochemistry                                      (3,1)
IO 111/L                   Ecology                                               (4)
IO 130/L                   Genetics                                              (4)
BIO 135/L                   Molecular Biology                                (4)
BIO 152/L                   Cell Biology                                         (4)
BIO 195                      Senior Seminar/New Biology                (3)       

Plus two additional Upper Division Biology courses, at least one of which must have a lab, selected from the following: 

BIO 103/L                   Microbiology                                                          (4)
BIO 105                      Immunology                                                           (3)
BIO 125/L                   Developmental Biology                                           (4)
BIO 141                      Cancer Biology                                                        (3)
BIO 151/L                   Medical Physiology                                                 (4)
BIO 157                      Advanced Molecular Biology & Biotechnology          (3)
BIO 160                      Neurobiology                                                          (3)

Research Requirements:

BIO 197                      Research Readings                                  (1,1)

Total units required for BS in Biological Sciences: 80-81

Plus General Studies requirements, NOT including the Language and Culture requirement, totaling 124 semester units to complete the BS degree.