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Business Administration

Business Administration

The world of higher education has more than its share of business administration degree programs.

But for students looking for something different, unique, and beyond the typical, the choice is clear: a Business Administration degree from Mount St. Mary’s College.

Our program creates business leaders who master the challenge of complex decision making while achieving their goals with a heightened sense of responsibility for the global community.

Discover the four key themes running through every aspect of the Mount’s Business Administration degree program: global business, management communication, business ethics, and innovative management.
Vital to your performance in the business world of today and tomorrow, Mount curriculum emphasizes the worldwide nature of business today; the primacy of effective communication of ideas and leadership goals; the importance of ethics (and how they are their own reward); and a pursuit of innovation that will create a lifetime of success.

Choose from one of four distinct programs as part of your Business Administration degree program: Accounting, Marketing, Management, and International Business.

In each you’ll find the determination and expertise needed for each discipline, taught with the Mount philosophy of valuing the responsibilities we bear to our communities (large and small), as leaders of business.

Take the challenge — earn a business administration degree that not only gives you the expertise to success, but allows you to give back to the global community in a socially conscious way.

We invite you to learn more today; click on any of the links below to learn more about our degree programs.

Mark AlhanatiSincerely,

Mark Alhanati
Chair, Business Department