Business Administration
Mount Saint Mary's College

Business Administration

Bachelor of Science

Weekend College Program

The BS in Business Administration, offered in the Weekend College, is designed for adult professionals who wish to advance and solidify their careers in business. Built on the strong liberal arts foundation provided through general education requirements, the business administration major is generalist in scope and covers key functional areas in business - management information systems, organizational behavior, business law, accounting, marketing and finance. Courses emphasize discussion, group projects, and communication exercises. The program has been structured to incorporate workplace experience into the fabric of the classroom.

At least 21 units of the upper division business courses must be completed at Mount St. Mary's College. BUS 192 Business Policy and Strategy must be taken at Mount St. Mary's College

Lower Division Core Requirements:

Upper Division Core Requirements:

In addition, eighteen upper division business units are required for the major. Students who wish to pursue a specific business area concentration may do so by completing twelve of these eighteen units as follows:

Accounting Concentration

Marketing Concentration

Management Concentration

And any one of the following courses:

International Business Concentration

And three units from the following:

(One unit in each of the following areas: China, European Union, Eastern Europe, Mercosur, Africa and the Four Tigers)

Once enrolled at Mount St. Mary's College, all upper division business courses must be completed at the College.

Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Section One Courses
One of the following is required (Each course is three units)

Section Two Courses
Students are required to take 3 courses from Section Two, or 2 courses from Section 2 and three one-unit courses from Section Three.

Section Three Courses
(Each course is one unit)

* These courses have a prerequisite