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Doing Business in International Markets, and Business Information Specific to Various Countries or Geographic Regions of the World

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Resources for International Transactions

Resources for International Business

Regional Information

  • Portal to Asian and Pacific Rim Internet Resources - University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Middle East Network Information Center - "Business and Economy" at the at the University of Texas.
  • - Links to country information in this region is from the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce.
  • EU Business - Find information from and about the European Union as well as countries in Europe. (Registration required)
  • Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources - An extensive collection of links for business, economics and law resources related to Russia and Eastern Europe is
  • Latin America – An excellent starting point for business resources in Latin America is provided by the Latin American Network Information Center.

The Secretariats or homepages of the various regional economic or trade communities are:

Country-specific Information

Various U.S. Government agencies collect and publish information on many (though not all) countries of the world. Some of the more important series are:

General information on countries of the world are also available from other governments and intergovernmental sources, as well as from firms offering business services:

Information on specific industrial sectors of various countries are also available:

 Statistics: Consumer and Demographic Information

  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics - Socio-economic data, covering education, libraries, broadcasting, and the media is the UNESCO Statistical Yearbook.
  • World Health Organisation Statistical Information System - Apart from population and poverty statistics, the World Health Statistics Annual yearbook has detailed data on causes of death and mortality. Selected international and national data sets are also available on the.
  • World Development Indicators - The online version of World Development Indicators
  • Center for International Earth Science Information Network - The Social Indicators of Development is from the World Bank; this data is to "provide a picture of the social effects of economic development."
  • International Data Base - Maintained by the Census Bureau, combines data from country sources with the Bureau's estimates. This resource contains mostly demographic and some socio-economic data.
  • World Economic Outlook Database - Selected tables are available on their Website.
  • UN Website - With fewer statistics and more discussion, the United Nations presents its view of trends and policies in the world economy with the annual World Economic and Social Survey.
  • LABORSTA - The Year Book of Labor Statistics from the International Labour Organization which has data extracted from up to three decennial censuses for more than 180 countries and territories. Coverage is of active work force by industry, by sex, and by occupation. Selected data tables on employment, unemployment, and wages are available online from the database.
  • Labor migration statistics are available from the ILO in their International Labour Migration Database, which presents data in various tables by country.
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP) data for selected countries and years are available from the Penn World Table server at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • The Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank Statistics on External Debt database will provide data on loans and debt securities issued to national governments, from 1990 to the present.
  • Trends in Private Investment in Developing Countries is an IFC Economics Department Database. A related resource is the Privatization Database from the World Bank, which covers transactions in developing countries from 1988 to 2003.

General International Business Resources

  • Alta Plana: International Economics Gateway - Long list of links to online sites of interest to economists, including international organizations such as the U.N. International Trade Center and the World Trade Organization, national government pages for several dozen countries and corporate servers with international economic information.
  • AME Info - A business directory providing access to 200,000 companies from 14 Middle East countries. Also includes company news and news from selected industries, exhibitions and events, travel guide, country facts and much more.
  •! - "! provides timely strategic business information on the Asia Pacific with access to data, experts, news, analysis, and other resources."
  • Business Netiquette International - An article providing advice on e-mail netiquette between businesses, especially cross-border and cross-culture communications.
  • Corporate Information - "Focuses on providing access to Web-based information on companies throughout the world." Searchable by country, company name and industry. Gives recent news and fast facts for each country, links to sources of company information, a list of and definitions of extensions (such as Inc.) found after company names, and research reports for 15,000 companies. Profiles of some companies are also offered in French and Spanish. "A good starting point to find corporate information from around the world."
  • Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics - "This glossary will eventually attempt to cover all of the terms and concepts from international economics, including both international trade and international finance, at least at the introductory level... The glossary includes definitions, links to definitions, and wherever appropriate links to other sites and documents that may provide additional information."
  • The Electronic Embassy - "The Electronic Embassy links the staffs and resources of the Washington D.C. embassy community to their constituencies in business and industry, education, the press and government."
  • Euro Data Map - A resource for economic data, such as GDP growth, inflation rate, and budget deficit, of select European countries. "Drag your pointer over the labeled countries on the map to get economic data on each nation, and the status of their participation in monetary union."
  • International Chamber of Commerce - "The International Chamber of Commerce serves world business by promoting trade and investment and the free market system. Founded in 1919, the ICC is a non-governmental organization of thousands of companies and business associations in more than 140 countries. ICC national committees in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific and Africa present ICC views to their governments and alert Paris headquarters to national business concerns." This site provides general information about the ICC, its services, committees, members, and publications.
  • The International Economics Network - "The International Economics Network is an annotated, selective portal for international economics and related disciplines, which includes daily updated links to research papers, news and commentaries in the field."
  • The International Political Economy Network - "An extensive collection of electronically retrievable documents related to the Global Political Economy."
  • ISO Online - Information from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), including the ISO catalog of standards, ISO Technical Committees, ISO member bodies and meeting schedules. An ISO 9000 News Service is provided, along with a section, "What's New at ISO." There is also a list of links to online information from national standards bodies of about 20 countries.
  • Japanese Industrial Standards - These documents are based on Industrial Standardization in Japan, 1994, published by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee.
  • Center for International Business Education and Research - Information on doing business internationally and links to other sites with similar information. Excerpts from Journal of International Marketing. Users can subscribe to a mailing list for discussion of International Marketing issues. Sections on exporting and operating in a global economy.
  • North American Free Trade Agreement - Here you will find the full text of NAFTA, as well as an overview of the agreement and some related documents and information, such as reports, news releases, and speeches. This site is published the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and it is also available in French.
  • Strategies - A website about Canadian business put out by the Minister of Industry. The site has sections on company information, international business, consumer information, technology, business support, human resources, small businesses, and more.
  • U.S. International Trade Statistics - The Foreign Trade Division formulates and develops overall plans and programs for the collection, processing, review, linkage with other economic data, and dissemination of statistical data regarding various aspects of the export and import trade of the United States and foreign trade shipping.
  • Virtual International Business and Economic Sources - "Provides links to sources of international business information. These include links to full-text files (in English), statistical tables, and graphs on topics related to international business available on gopher sites and websites. VIBES does not include telnet sites, fee-based services, or business directories."
  • The World Bank Group - "The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, known as the World Bank, makes loans to developing countries that have a minimum level of creditworthiness. The World Bank raises most of its money on the world's financial markets. The interest rate charged on its loans is now just under 7 percent, and the maturity period is 15 to 20 years. Over its 50+-year history, the World Bank has lent some $277 billion to developing countries and economic institutions." In 1996 the World Bank began a special program to strengthen its partnerships with the private sector.
  • Yahoo! News Full Coverage: Global Economy - Features current news stories related to the global economy. Also links to news sources, opinions & editorials, magazine articles, video sources, and related Web sites.
  • Yahoo! News Full Coverage: WTO and International Trade - Features current news stories related to international trade and trade disputes. Also links to news sources, opinions & editorials, magazine articles, video sources, and related Web sites.