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Students choose their majors for a wide variety of reasons, but those who choose Education often cite one key motivation: they want to help young people reach their potential.

And so it is with the Education degree program at Mount St. Mary’s College. Because at the Mount, an Education degree is more than just a fast track into the classroom; it’s an opportunity to improve one’s self and give back to one’s community, all in the spirit of our Founding Sisters.

You’ll be trained in a progressive model of teaching and learning where you’ll not only get real-world time in actual classrooms with master teachers, but you’ll be encouraged to reflect on your methods and strategies in a spirit of continual self improvement. At the Mount, our goal is to create the next generation of educational leaders who hold sacred the social mission they undertake.

Best of all, the Education degree program at Mount St. Mary’s College includes a preliminary teaching credential program. This accelerates your pathway into the classroom, allowing you to accomplish in four years what many other colleges and universities do in five.

Choose from a variety of Education degree programs now available:

Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies or Child Development (Chalon)
Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Studies or Early Childhood Education (Doheny)

Download the Education Admissions Flyer for an abbreviated overview of the program.

We also offer graduate programs

Your education at Mount St. Mary’s College will not only include the accelerated credential program, but also real-world teaching skills acquired in our exemplary classroom environments with master teachers.

Come fulfill your dreams of teaching while gaining an education you won’t find anywhere else

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Shelly Tochluk, Department Chair


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Student Spotlight

Jaqueline Lesso

"My time at the Mount has been very memorable, I've met a lot of great advisors, professors, peers, that have helped me and shaped me into who I am to me and have also influenced me into pursuing a Masters in Special Education."