Mount Saint Mary's College



The English faculty here at Mount St. Mary’s College represents a wide range of expertise and interests. Together with our diversity, what we have in common is a dedication to developing excellent writers and thinkers, as well as women with a breadth and depth of knowledge of the world’s literary heritage. Because the department is fairly small and very informal, we make sure that every student has the opportunity for personal attention in and out of class. Much of our writing instruction is on a one-on-one basis in writing conferences. Students receive individual academic advisement by an English faculty member. We frequently become mentors to students with whom we have worked. We know our majors, and we take pride in them.

Members of the department have taken leadership in the college in the development of the Women’s Studies program, new multicultural courses, and in designing new approaches to learning through technology in the classroom.

Brueck, Katherine
Dr. Katherine Brueck, Professor and Department Chair, English
PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Illinois
MA, Comparative Literature, Purdue University
BA, English, Minor in French, John Carroll University

Brosamer, Matthew
Dr. Matthew Brosamer, Associate Professor, English
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, Georgetown University

Bryson, Scott
Dr. Scott Bryson, Professor, English
PhD, University of Kentucky
MA, Baylor University
BA, Baylor University

Kidd, Millie
Dr. Millie Kidd, Program Director, Humanities (Masters)
PhD, University of Illinois
MA, University of Illinois
BA, University of Illinois

Leese, David
Dr. David Leese, Instructor, Business Administration
JD, Northwestern University
PhD, English and American Literature, Brandeis University
MBA, California State University, Northridge
MA, English and American Literature, Brandeis University
AB, Philosophy, Amherst College

McPeek-Villatoro, Marcos
Marcos McPeek-Villatoro, Director, Journalism & New Media
MFA, University of Iowa
MA, University of Iowa
BA, St. Ambrose University

O'Brien, George
Fr. George O'Brien, Associate Professor, English
EdD, University of Southern California
MA, Loyola Marymount University
BA, St. John's College

Sturgeon, Elizabeth
Dr. Elizabeth Sturgeon, Associate Professor, English
PhD, English, Northwestern University
MA, English, Northwestern University
BA, English, UC Irvine
BA, History, UC Irvine

Adjunct Faculty

Ganjavi, Shadi
Shadi Ganjavi, Part-time Instructor, English
MA(Theoretical Linguistics) & MA(Psychology of Linguistics), USC & California State University-Northridge
BA, California State University-Northridge

Halperin, Dara
Dara Halperin, Part-time Instructor, English
MA, English, Loyola Marymount University
BA, English, Mount St. Mary's College

Johnson, Joan
Joan Johnson, Instructor, English
Playwright in residence, Studio One
MA, San Jose State University
BA, San Jose Sate University

Lennon, Frankie
Frankie Lennon, Part-time Instructor, English
MA, Indiana University, Bloomington
BA, Indiana University, Bloomington

Perez, David
David Perez, Writing Coordinator, Learning Assistance
MA English and American Literature, Mills College
BA Political Science, University of Arizona

Sandor, Jane
Jane Sandor, Part-time Instructor, English
MFA Creative Writing, University of Alabama
BA English, Smith College

Walla, Tom
Tom Walla, Part-time Instructor, English
MA Communications, Northwestern University
BA English, Xavier University