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Exit Exam Reading List

Dear Mount St. Mary’s College English major:

During your senior year (or possibly during your junior year), you will take a course called English Seminar.  As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a high level of quality, the Mount St. Mary’s College English Department has begun administering an Exit Exam to all students in the seminar.  It’s a 90-minute, multiple-choice, content-based exam that asks you questions about texts and authors from various periods of English and American literature.

The purpose of this exam is simply to allow us, as a department, to assess how well we’re doing as we prepare our English majors.   Your performance will not affect your GPA or your overall standing with the college.  However, those who score especially high on the exam will have the opportunity to graduate with departmental honors. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the below reading list that will help you prepare for the exam. We recommend that you save the list somewhere handy and refer back to it frequently during your time at the Mount.  Then, as your time in English Seminar approaches, you can more intentionally focus on reviewing the information on the Reading List, so you can perform on the exam as well as possible, and possibly be rewarded for your efforts.

For the exam, you won't be expected to have memorized minor details about every text on this list.  You should, however, have at least a basic knowledge of each work, understanding fundamental characteristics like plot, main characters, theme, structure, and so on.

The complete list appears here.