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LA Literature Project

Mapping the Literary Landscape of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Collage LA from a cars eye view

Is there such a thing as L.A. Lit? We're starting to think so.

Students in Scott Bryson's Freshman English courses at Mount St. Mary's College are currently constructing this website devoted to the phenomenon of Los Angeles Literature. We realize that for many people, the terms "Los Angeles" and "literature" don't seem to go together, and we are aware of our city's reputation for shallowness and superficiality. Still, despite this (in some cases fair) criticism, we feel that we can make a pretty compelling argument that a great deal of good writing has emerged and is continuing to emerge from Los Angeles. On our website, we attempt to make this case.

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Los Angeles Novels, Short Stories, and Plays

Click on the novel titles below for resources on these works. (This list of books will grow over the next few semesters, and we'll be adding poetry as well.)


What we mean when we say L.A. Lit. An explanation of the criteria we have used in selecting our texts and defining our field. (under construction)

The rationale. A brief explanation of the underlying principles that guide and justify this project as an academic exercise.

The assignment. An abbreviated version of the instructions students were given as they began this project.

The syllabus. An example of the syllabus students see for the Writing about L.A. Literature course.

Bibliography: Los Angeles Literature. An extensive, if still incomplete, partially annotated bibliography on L.A. Literature.

Where to start. If you're coming to L.A. Lit for the first time, here's a list of secondary/critical books you'll definitely want to check out. (under construction)

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**For more information or to offer feedback, contact Scott Bryson: sbryson@msmc.la.edu.