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Healthcare Policy

Bachelor of Art in Healthcare Policy

Welcome to the Healthcare Policy Major!

Barack Obama Signs the Healthcare BillPrepare for a wealth of career opportunities with a degree in Healthcare Policy from the Mount.

Our degree program is designed for those seeking a career in the healthcare policy sector — from the pharmaceutical industry to government, advocacy organizations to graduate studies.

You’ll take classes covering both the science and politics of healthcare. Focus on local, national or even international policy issues, study nationally or abroad, or even undertake an internship in healthcare. Healthcare Policy is a forward-looking degree program that stands alone or in concert with minors like Pre-Law and International Relations.

The Mount’s Healthcare Policy major provides a solid foundation for the fastest growing employment field in our nation. I invite you to review our requirements below, and contact me to discuss your future.

Helen Boutrous

Helen G. Boutrous, JD, PhD
Department Chair
Department of History and Political Science


Jackie FillaJackie Filla
Advisor for the Healthcare Policy Major
Department of History and Political Science


Degree Requirements

Healthcare Policy BA Degree

Required Courses

Lower Division: 12 units

  • POL 1 American Government and Institutions (3)
  • POL 2 Introduction to World Politics (3)
  • BIO 10 Health Science (3)
  • PSY 1 Introduction to Psychology (3)

Upper Division: 15 units

  • POL 101 Research Methods (3)
  • POL 112 Healcare Law and Policy (3)
  • POL 102 Women and the Law or
  • POL 147 Women and Development or
  • POL 193C Women and Politics (3)
  • POL 176 Public Policy (3)
  • POL 191 Internship (3)

Approved Healthcare Policy Electives (9)

Total units required for the major: 36

To be eligible to apply to the Accelerated Nursing Program, Healthcare Policy Majors must meet GPA requirements, and complete the following approved electives:

  • BIO 3 General Microbiology (with Lab)
  • BIO 10 Health Science
  • BIO 40A Human Anatomy (with Lab)
  • BIO 50B Human Physiology (with Lab)
  • CHE 3 Foundations of Chemistry or PHY 1A Introductory Physics
  • PHI 168 Bioethics
  • PSY 12/102 Child/Human Development
  • SOC 5 Sociological Perspectives

Other Approved Healthcare Policy Electives include:

  • POL 102 Women and the Law
  • POL 131 International Relations
  • POL 151 Humanitarian Intervention
  • POL 147 Women and Development
  • POL 180 State and Local Politics
  • Courses approved by the Chair of the History and Political Science Department

Students must complete all General Studies requirements and at least a total of 124 units to graduate.

Healthcare Policy Minor

Students wishing to minor in Healthcare Policy are required to take POL 1, BIO 10, NUR 124, POL 176 plus 4 upper division courses approved by the students' academic advisors.