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Leadership & Women's Studies Course Descriptions

LWS 1A Leadership Concepts (1)
An introduction to key leadership issues and concepts, with special emphasis on the connection of self-awareness, self-development and the role of gender to the leadership process.

LWS 1B Leadership Concepts (1)
An introduction to key leadership issues and concepts for women, with special emphasis on the development of team work, decision-making and communication skills.

LWS 10 Introduction to Leadership and Women's Studies (3)
Analyzes the theories, concepts and issues in Women's Studies. Emphasis is placed on leadership, social justice, and agency. This course focuses on women's issues (both historical and contemporary) by examining how gender interacts with race, class, sexuality and ethnicity. Gender is applied to various forms of social organization in different societies such as work, health, education, mass communication / media, law and policy.

LWS 100 Leadership Studies (3)
A critical examination of the leadership process, including emerging approaches to leadership, the leaders and strategies for change. A special focus will be on the role of college students in the leadership process.

LWS 111 / BUS 140 (3) Women's Issues in Business and Economics (3)
Survey of issues that affect women in business and review of the feminist critique of classical economic theory. Topics surveyed many include women's labor history, Marxist feminism, socialist feminism, feminist organizational theory, women in management, the wage gap, the glass ceiling, gendered economic roles, women's issues in business law, affirmative action and sexual harassment. GS-IIIG, VI

LWS 125 Applied Leadership (3)
An experience oriented course involving the student's observation and some application of the principles of effective leadership. Weekly seminars integrate fieldwork with theories and models of community and civic leadership.

LWS 191 Internship in Leadership (3)
Qualified students intern in non-profit organizations, government offices, or businesses where women's needs and concerns are being addressed. Selected readings and a written analysis of issues and experiences are required. Prerequisite: LWS 10 Maximum 3 units may be applied towards LWS minor.

LWS 192 / HIS 192ABC Women of Color in the United States (3)
This course explores the experiences of women of color in the United States. Although the approach is historical, course materials will include literature and film, in addition to works of history. Each semester the course focuses on a single group of women of color. May be repeated for credit.

LWS 196H Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Open only to students admitted to the Honors Program.

LWS 199 Independent Study (3)
May be repeated for credit. Offered only on request with permission of a supervising faculty member.