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Cultural Studies Minor

Culture courses are interdisciplinary and intended to inform about global cultural diversity.


Eight units of a foreign language (8)


Students must complete a total of 26 units.

Required classes include:

CUL 107 - Theory and Practice of Culture
CUL 110 - Culture Through Film or PHI 162 - Philosophy and Native Cultures or PHI 167 Ethics and Film
CUL 114 - Faces of Spirituality or RST 161 - Introduction to World Religions
CUL 117 - Women's Literature in Translation or  CUL 108- World Literature in Translation or  ENG 123 - Women's Voices in Literature
CUL 94/194 - Study Travel or BUS 123- Travel and Study Abroad or ART 173- Multiculturalism and the Visual Arts or Any Art History Class
MUS 106 - Varieties of Music or MUS 116 Music of World Cultures

English For Academic Purposes:

English for Academic Purposes is for students interested in mastering the English skills required to succeed in higher education classes conducted in English. It is specifically for international students, or for students whose first language is not English, who are interested in improving their English communication skills in English and their understanding of the American culture.

A test is required to enroll in the following courses and levels:
CUL 111/11- Academic Communication Skills - 3 units - Level 1. This course emphasizes the four English communication skills to enhance students' performance in higher education academics.  A strong oral component with discussions and presentations is included.

CUL 112/12- Multicultural Communities in Los Angeles - 3 units - Level 1. In this course, the students experience multicultural communities in Los Angeles and practice intercultural oral, written and research skills.

CUL 113/13- Academic Writing Skills- 3 units - Level 2. Students will focus on writing original academic research papers.

CUL 116/16 - Intercultural Perspectives in the United States - 3 units - Level 2. Students increase their awareness and understanding of the people who live in different parts of the United States. Projects  demonstrate their English oral and written skills, and include travel study.

Who should minor in Cultural Studies?

It's about exploring global cultures in order to better understand one's own.
Bridging and getting along are key!





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