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BA French Studies with International Emphasis

The major in French Studies with International Emphasis combines language proficiency with an additional global dimension. This major is designed to familiarize students with the French culture while acquiring an understanding of the world and its complexity.

French remains the most widely spoken European language outside of English. It remains the language of refinement and culture, but also of diplomacy and business particularly in the European Community.

This Major can be completed alone or can be added to another Major or Minor. The Minor in French Studies can be tucked to any other major.

Prerequisites: FRE 1 and FRE 2 – or Language Fulfillment Alternative (p.67) fulfill the language requirement and are prerequisites for majors and minors.

1. Core Courses required for Majors and Minors

FRE 3 and FRE 4 Intermediate French (6 units)
CUL 107 Theory & Practice of Culture (3 units)
FRE 101 Writing Lab (3 units)

2. Additional courses required for the Major

FRE 112A and 112B History & Civilization of France (6 units)
FRE 126 French Masterpieces (3 units)
CUL 108 World Literature in Translation (3 units)
HIS 3 History of the World (3 units)
ECO 112 World Economic History (3 units) or POL 131 International Relations (3 units)

3. Study Abroad (3 units)


4. Internship Abroad (3 units)

Scholarships will be made available for the Internship Abroad.

Total units for the Major: 38

Who should major/minor in French Studies with International Emphasis?

· If you took French in high school and love the language.

· If you plan to work in Europe or any of the francophone countries around the world.

· If you are interested in International Affairs.

· If you are trying to distinguish yourself as culturally sophisticated.