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French Studies

French remains the most widely spoken European language outside of English. It remains the language of refinement and culture, and through francophone literature reflects a uniquely global diversity of cultures based solely on language.

The department has programs for both majors and minors in French Studies. These are comprehensive programs leading to a proficiency in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Incorporated into the programs are the culture and civilization of France, and a focus on French and francophone literature.

Bachelor of Arts in French Studies

FRE 1 French 1 Elementary (4)
FRE 2 French 2 Elementary (4)
FRE 3 French 3 Conversation (3)
FRE 4 French 4 Introduction to French Literature & Culture (3)

In addition to lower division classes, students must complete 24 upper division units for the major. This includes the following classes plus three more:

FRE 101 French Writing Lab (3)
CUL 107 Theory and Practice of Culture (3)
FRE 112 History and Civilization of France (3)
FRE 126 Modern Classics (3)
FRE 191 Senior Thesis (3)

Requirements for the Minor in French Studies

In addition to the lower division courses and CUL 107, the minor requires nine upper division units, for a total of 26 units (lower & upper division units combined). An overall grade point average of 2.0 is required for the minor.


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