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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Business Administration

Spanish-speaking populations increasingly are a major component of many urban areas - particularly, but not limited to, cities in the southwestern United States. Businesses operating in these areas need personnel with business administration skills who can communicate with the Spanish-speaking clienteles.

To help meet this need, the Language and Culture Department of Mount St. Mary's College is pleased to offer the inter-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Business Administration degree.

To complete this program, students complete 38 units of coursework from the Language and Culture Department and 42 units of coursework from the Business Administration Department - a total of 80 units of study.

Language and Culture Department Courses Required


SPA 1 and 2 Elementary Spanish I and II (or equivalent), 4 units each
SPA 3 and 4
Intermediate Spanish III and IV, 3 units each

Total: 14 units

Spanish Studies: 24 Upper Division Units (3 units each)

CUL 107 Theory & Practice of Culture
SPA 109 Spanish Writing Lab
SPA 114 Translation/Interpretation
SPA 149 Business Communication and Culture
SPA 144 Culture & Civilization of Latin America
SPA 112 Culture & Civilization of Spain
SPA 190 Internship

Choose only one course (3 units each):

BUS 189 International Management
BUS 195 International Marketing
ECO 195 International Economics
POL 131 International Relations

Total for Spanish Studies: 38 units (14 prerequisite + 24 upper division)

Business Administration Courses Required

42 lower & upper division units (3 units each)

CIS 1 Computer Processes and Application
ECO 1 Microeconomics
ECO 2 Macroeconomics
BUS 28 Mathematical Analysis for Business
MTH 38 Elements of Probability and Statistics
BUS 5 Business Law 1
BUS 15A Accounting Principles 1
BUS 15B Accounting Principles 2
BUS 122 Business Communications
BUS 130 Principles of Finance
BUS 160 Principles of Marketing
BUS 177 Management Information Systems
BUS 185 Principles of Management
BUS 192 Business Policy and Strategy


Download course list and requirements for Spanish Business Administration