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Spanish Studies with Chicano Emphasis

Prerequisites: SPA 1 and SPA 2 (8 units) or Language Fulfillment Alternative (p.67)

1. Core Courses required for Majors and Minors

SPA 3 and SPA 4 Intermediate Spanish (6 units)
CUL 107 Theory & Practice of Culture (3 units)
SPA 109 Writing Lab (3 units)
SPA 112 Civilization & Culture of Spain (3 units) or
SPA 44/144 Civilization & Culture of Latin America (3 units)
SPA Upper Division (3 units)

2. Additional courses required for the Spanish Emphasis in Chicano Studies

SPA 110 Chicano Lit (3 units)
SPA 145 Cultures of the Spa Speaking Peoples in US (3 units)
SPA 190 Internship (3 units) or SPA 191 Senior Thesis (3 units)

Total Units: 8 units prerequisites and 30 units.

Who should major/minor in Spanish Studies with an emphasis in Chicano Studies?

· If you plan to be in any service-related field or working to help people.

· If you are going to be a teacher, work in the field of  law or business.

· If you are proud of your Hispanic heritage and want to refine your language skills and learn about culture.



Download the course requirements for Spanish with Chicano Studies Emphasis