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MSMC Ten Days in Paris 2010 Syllabus

If you want to take this trip for academic credit, please see the requirements below. 

Students may earn 1-3 course units as FRE194 Travel/Study

and register for either Spring 2010 or Summer 2010. 

Another option is for students to coordinate a Directed Study course with their professor.

FRE194 Course Description and Objectives (1-3 units):

Students will study the culture and history of medieval and early modern France through class lectures, interactive walking tours, visits to museums as well as field trips to historical sites. This course will track four key areas in the evolution of French national identity: 

FRE194 Course Texts and Readings (1-3 units):

FRE194 Course Requirements and Grading (1-3 units):

There are four components to your course grade, all of which are equally important and should be approached with the same level of attention and academic integrity as if this were a semester-long course.