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Ten Days in Paris: Medieval France to the French Revolution

May 20 - 31, 2010

Mount St. Mary’s College
Department of Language and Culture
Dr. Michele Fine and Instructor Courtney Spikes

I just came back from Ten Days in Paris where Professor Courtney Spikes and myself escorted 30 students, some with a relative or friend. Every day was a treasure of pleasure. Lectures in the morning, visits in the afternoons, a lot of exploring on foot, and of course the food, the wine and the camaraderie complemented this memorable experience. As this Department of Language & Culture Travel Study course was so successful, we plan to offer it every two years.

Michele Fine
Michele Fine

Courtney Spikes
Courtney Spikes


Trip Itinerary

20 May, Thursday

21 May, Friday — Gallo-Roman France

22 May, Saturday — Medieval Paris

23 May, Sunday — The Right Bank of Paris

24 May, Monday — Cultural shifts from Medieval to the Early Modern Eras

25 May, Tuesday — Louvre Palace and Museum

26 May, Wednesday — Versailles and 18th Century France

27 May, Thursday — The French Revolution in Paris

28 May, Friday — Preparation for Student Presentations

29 May, Saturday — Free Day and Candlelight Tour of Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

30 May, Sunday — Presentations and Farewells

31 May, Monday — (Memorial Day USA)