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Liberal Studies

Future Teachers Study Abroad

Spain with Maria Murillo

Taking a break from study to look at the view

What a view it is!

Touring with a friend

Sharing the adventures abroad with new friends

Maria Estudiante - Studying for an exam in Granada, Spain

Florance, Italy with Kimberly Ochoa

History everywhere you look. You learn about it while you are experiencing it. And met new friends at the same time

Events such as Fiorentina's Match allowed me to become part of the culture by offering an interesting sociological perspective

Visit to a Chianti farm allowed me to see how wine is produced as well as olive oil. A look at the environment and how things are grown is definitely a component of science

Some of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. We learn how religion and philosophy play a major role in the background of these monuments

A view from the Duomo

Overall, a semester abroad allowed me the opportunity to take on an adventure that I can always look back to as it gives me guidance as I prepare for teaching. The knowledge and skills learned are innumerable and unforgettable