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MSMC Orchestra

The orchestra’s goal is to bring together student instrumentalist drawn from various academic disciplines throughout the College community to present great orchestral music at the highest possible standard of performance—and to have a wonderful time doing it!

The Mount Orchestra is comprised of music majors, minors, and non-majors. Today, the ensemble is a student-mentor orchestra comprise of Mount St. Mary’s College students who play with their applied music instructors. In the early phase of the orchestra, students will work closely with their applied instructor/mentor to raise their self-expectations, and improve individual and ensemble musicianship. For the student musicians of the Mount, working with their applied mentors has many benefits. They provide strong examples of musicianship in every way: the elements of music (rhythm, pitch, dynamics, etc.), rehearsal etiquette, performance practice, and more. The orchestra is further augmented by professional musicians from the Los Angeles area.

We are excited to provide students with the opportunity to experience the challenges and joys of ensemble playing and to learn familiar and unfamiliar works from the symphonic repertoire. We are confident that with further exposure ad projects to promote an increase in our overall music department enrollment, as well as accessibility to all student musicians on campus, the Mount Orchestra will continue to expand. Our five year goal is to have an entirely student led ensemble.

Spring 2012 Mount Orchestra Concert, Carondolet Chapel

Piano Concerto No. 20, D Minor, Allegro
Soloist, Senior, Music Major Angela Song

View a video of her performance.