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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

The major in biochemistry offers the student an interdisciplinary study of chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. It provides an excellent preparation for all graduate work/research in biochemistry and the molecular sciences, and professional areas leading into the health sciences.

Courses Required for a BS Degree in Biochemistry

Lower Division:
 BIO 1AB - Biological Dynamics (4,4)
 CHE 1AB - General Chemistry (4,4)
 CHE 1AL/1BL - General Chemistry Laboratory (1,1)
 CHE 6AB - Organic Chemistry (3,3)
 CHE 6AL/6BL - Organic Chemistry Laboratory (1,1)
 MTH 5AB - Calculus I/II (4,4)
 PHY 11AB - Mechanics/Electricity, Magnetism and Optics (4,3) or
 PHY 1AB - Introductory Physics IA/IB
 PHY 1BL - Physics Laboratory (1)
(MTH 38, Probability and Statistics, and CIS 2, Introduction to Computer Programming (3), are recommended courses.)

Upper Division:
 BIO 130 - Genetics (4)
 BIO 135 - Techniques in Molecular Biology (4) or
 BIO 152 - Cell and Molecular Physiology (4)
 CHE 107 - Biochemistry (3)
 CHE 107L - Biochemistry Laboratory (1)
 CHE 109 - Advanced Biochemistry  (3)
 CHE 110AB - Physical Chemistry (4,3)
 CHE 111 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory (2)
 CHE 120 - Instrumental Methods (3) or
 CHE 130 - Biochemical Methods (3)
 CHE 199 - Research (3)
Plus one course from the following: BIO 105, BIO 125, BIO 135, BIO 151, BIO 152, BIO 180.

Total units in chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics: 77

Plus general studies requirements and electives totaling 124 semester units. An overall grade point average of 2.0 in major courses is required for the degree. Courses are described in the respective department listings.

Premedical/Predental Sequence with a BS in Biochemistry
Medical schools accept students from any degree program. A strong background in science, including chemistry, biology and mathematics, is recommended for successful performance on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and for admissions to medical programs. Successful completion of the BS degree with a major in biochemistry provides an excellent preparation for medical, dental and pharmaceutical studies.