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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

A student majoring in chemistry receives a comprehensive view of the principles of this science and participates in personalized laboratory instruction and individual research.

The chemistry major is excellent preparation for graduate studies, medical studies, health science careers, education, scientific writing, and careers in food, petroleum, and textiles. The BA degree in chemistry is designed for those interested in secondary science teaching, chemical technology, and other broadly-based careers requiring a science background. The BS degree in chemistry or biochemistry is recommended for those who wish to pursue graduate or medical studies.

The department also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, and a Minor in Chemistry.

Required Courses for a BS in Chemistry

Lower Division:
 CHE 1AB - General Chemistry (4,4)
 CHE 1AL/1BL - General Chemistry Laboratory (1,1)
 CHE 6AB - Organic Chemistry  (4,4)
 CHE 6AL/6BL - Organic Chemistry Laboratory (1)
 MTH 5ABC - Calculus I/II/III (4,4,4)
 CIS 2 - Introduction to Computer Programming (3)
 PHY 11AB - Mechanics/Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics (4,3)
 PHY 1BL - Physics Laboratory (1)

Upper Division:
 CHE 107 - Biochemistry (3)
 CHE 107L - Biochemistry Laboratory (1)
 CHE 110AB - Physical Chemistry (4,3)
 CHE 111 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory  (2)
 CHE 199 - Research in Chemistry (3)
Three additional upper division courses in Chemistry (9)

Total units in Chemistry: 46
 Total units in mathematics and physics: 25

Plus general studies requirements and electives totaling 124 semester units.

An overall grade point average of 2.0 in major courses is required for the degree.